Ch10 Hands-on Activity 10A: Seeing the Internet

delight i insufficiency this assignment in 16 hours from now The Internet is a network of networks. A software, VisualRoute enables you to see the direction/path that your intimation from your computer (source) to its point. In this immateriality, you gain use the demo delineation of this software. This unobstructed download has twain Windows and Mac versions.  You gain download the unobstructed 15-day affliction to total this immateriality; you may uninstall Visual Direction following this immateriality. Directions 1. Go to Download the unobstructed 15-day affliction. There is the ALL Editions and the Lite Edition. 2. Click the Download link. A intimation box gain  show - Would you affect to rescue the perfect?  Click YES. 3. A SETUP icon gain show on your desktop; the icon faces affect a floppy disk.  Double-click this icon. 4. A License Agreement box gain show. Click AGREE. 5. An  Install VisualRoute box gain show. Click Install Now. 6. When installation totals, you gain see an icon (looks affect a cerulean earth) on your desktop . If not click Start > VisualRoute 2010. 7. Click the VisualRoute 2010 icon. This gain enlarge the software. You gain a ward after a while a yellow box showing you where to pattern an Address. Capture a split shot of this ward. 8. In the Address box, pattern  Click Trace. Watch the software course the direction from your computer to University of Oxford. This may capture a few minutes. 9. You gain see three panels: (1) the Target Knowledge [top], (2) Traceroute after a while a map [middle] and (3) Traceroute after a while IP addresses [bottom].  Read the knowledge in all three panels. Your parade output should be concordant to Figure 10-9 . Capture a split shots of this ward.  this is the integrate for the work of this class: 10. Create a new WORD muniment and paste your two ward captures for steps #6 and #8 in this muniment. Write a soon essay (3 - 4 paragraphs) describing your design results and interpret the solution of your ward captures. Your essay should comprise the answers to these questions: Did you bear any packet detriment? What server is ordinary? How sundry hops are there from your computer to University of Oxford? What is University of Oxford's IP address? Grading This assignment is worth 50 points and gain be graded on totalness and prevention. I gain face for ward captures for #'s 6 and 8 as courteous as a soon essay of 3-4 paragraphs which straightway addresses the 4 questions over.