Critical Essay About: Improving Data Governance

   I deficiency your aid for fitness essay (4 pages not including the protect page and references page)   The subject as underneath: Effective advice government and grounds governance are precious  to an construction. For this assignment, leading expound the concept of  grounds governance and its consequence among an construction. Then,  identify two constructions that accept benefited from utensiling a  technology that improved their grounds governance. These constructions may  be ones you accept specific knowledge following a while or that you accept verified  and learned through investigation. Briefly narrate twain constructions and  then exculpation the forthcoming questions for each: What technology did they utensil? Why did they prefer that technology? What occupation factors were evaluated foregoing to utensilation? What advice deficiencies existed foregoing to utensilation? What benefits were gained following utensiling the technology? Do the benefits associated following a while the technology outbalance the costs?   Directions: - Write an essay that includes an preliminary stipulation, the essay’s whole, and a omission stipulation to oration the assignment’s manage questions. Do not oration the questions using a question-and-exculpation format.  -APA name should be used -Font conquer be: Times roman 12, and envelop boundlessness should be betwixt lines -At last 3-4 knowing, peer-reviewed chronicle tenets conquer be used as references (including the underneath two). Required Reference:   Joshi, A., Bollen, L., Hassink, H., De Haes, S., & Van Grembergen,  W. (2018). Explaining IT  governance exhibition through the constructs of IT governance ripeness and IT  strategic role. Information  & Management, 55(3),  368–380. Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). Borders in the outrival. Communications of the ACM, 61(9), 19–21. Lewis, B. (2017). 9 premonition signs of bad IT erection. Computerworld Hong Kong.