Design Biography

As entrepreneurs we can acquire a lot from other entrepreneurs you feel working twain prosperous and not-so-prosperous ventures. Understanding how these living-souls working their companies, the challenges they faced/overcame, the risks that were enslaved, and the impression they’ve made is incredibly dignified for shaping our perspective on entrepreneurship. The object of this design is to imply, criticise, and give the REAL narrative environing how a real-life entrepreneur working his or her startup. The design should go past the light narrativeline and dig deeper into the good/bad, mundane/notable, and easy/hard elements of their entrepreneurial excursion in direct to aid us unfold meaningful insights. How do I pickededed an entrepreneur? - You can pickededed an entrepreneur that relates to your assort venture - Think environing entrepreneurs that created your favorite products and companies/brands - Do More Faster as-well has lots of sensational entrepreneurs - You can as-well pickededed a national entrepreneur to consultation in person - It may or may not be someone you distinguish personally - Our unimpaired judging panel consists of familiar, national entrepreneurs Written Summary The object of the written compendium is to make-known the entrepreneur and distribute their narrative in an sensational way that demonstrates potent insights and analytical profundity. The written compendium should exculpation investigation such as (but not scant to): - What did they conclude? - What factors led to their success/failure? - What motivated the entrepreneur? - What sacrifices were made and risks enslaved? - What adversities/opportunities did they meet? The compendium should be 750-1,000 vote and double-spaced. Due Feb 6th