Lab 1: SQL Review

Lab Overview Scenario/Summary Download the Lab instructions and the Lab tidings for the essential steps to be completed for this lab. They can be establish in the Files minority of the Course Menu lower the Lab sort. Complete this template Lab tidings muniment by completing the minoritys listed on the page (Objectives, Results, and Conclusions). You achieve attend-to that the readings, including exhortations, the examples we worked on during the exhortation, and other audio and visual aids supposing, achieve aid you harness this week's lab. Remember to frequently flourish the instructions to get completion confidence, and use the weekly discourse connected to the Lab and the Course Q & A Forum in the Introduction and Resources module for added aid. Be restricted and specify the substance you are having perspicuously, including what you entertain effected to contravene it, in the discourse. Deliverables Please economize the completed Word muniment using the flourishing naming congress. Economize it separateized as flastnameLab01, where f is your leading primal, flourished by your terminal designate and the pristine smooth designate Lab01. Do not enclose .docx; Word achieve accomplish delay the .docx extension (e.g., Tom Brews, tbrewsLab01 and Word achieve accomplish delay .docx). Submit your lab. Required Software This Lab achieve use the flourishing Lab Resources: Microsoft Office: Word MySQL Use a separate observation of the software or advance Lab Resources lower Introduction and Resources > Course Resources and survey the Lab Resources minority. Lab Steps Step 1: Lab Report The tidings meet sheets must be completed for all labs. The key magnitude of these sheets enclose the flourishing. Objective: Provide a one- or two-sentence exposition of the mind of the lab. Results: Give a specifyment of the last output, such as what achieve constitute this lab auspicious. Conclusions: Conclusions should be installed on the results usually immediately connected to the mind of the lab. Observations and Measurements: All results from the lab must be recitative on the meet sheets. Turn in the meet sheets for grading and restrain the surplus of the lab as worksheets.