Need Friday @ was 8:30pm 3.2 Portfolio Component: Production Schedule

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!   Must BE common delay Film Production!!! ****Must Know Excel*** Objective:  To educe a realistic list for your all voice video or lineament film product using essential-quality standards. To experience shrewd an Excel spreadsheet that communicates a list to all stakeholders on a product team.  Articulate how your product list gain move your budget. Instructions:  Using the skills you knowing in Basis Anatomy and Reporting about presenting basis and formatting, educe a GANTT chart to visually layout the Production Schedule for your movie or voice video. There are three ranks in the product process: pre-production, product, or post-production. The instrument beneath clear-up what activities happen during each rank and how covet they typically grasp. However, you may insufficiency to convoy inquiry to perceive out how covet pre-product took for the movie or voice video you bear clarified to performance on.  Make positive that your list is visually appealing and contestes the branding of your movie or voice video, i.e.: pretense, distinction font, headings, etc. Make positive to conceive a distinction that clear-ups the design of your spreadsheet. For pattern, "Step Up: Product Schedule." Add a cell note clear-uping what essential-quality gain grasp the covetest versus absorb the most and why. This must be at meanest 2 sentences covet and unfold a accurate anatomy of the factors moveing your budget.  *to add a cell note, right-click on any cell and cull "insert note" Conduct inquiry to perceive out the real Product age fabricate for your scheme. Your list should be visually appealing and contest the branding of your scheme.  See Attachments