Step 1: Project Information: * Brief name of your furrow contemplation, as submitted in CS-700 class * Reason(s) for choosing this furrow contemplation * Furrow contemplation fruit already polished - step-by-step Upload a MS-Word muniment to the drop-box. Step 2: Project Proposal: Many of you own either newfangled the tools/resources or own newfangled the contemplation wholly. Use granted Project-Charter-Template to re-submit your updated proposition delay details environing the functionality of your contemplation and tools to be utilized. You must include: * Contemplation title * Contemplation abstract * Software/Tools used delay version  * Budget/Finance * Fruit already polished – Detailed Look into unshaken PROJECT CHARTER TEMPLATE Step 3: At this object, you should own launched the Development countenance of your contemplation. Update your contemplation contemplation (Gantt chart) to consider consummated jobs/sub-tasks. Each job must own the % reckon of the consummated fruit. Step 4: Database Contrivance - E-R Diagram Submit your database contrivance delay consummate E-R diagram. Step 5: Project Documentation: Documentation should be consummate delay contemplation charter, contemplation contemplation, contemplation details, ERD, and commencement legislation parallel delay curtain shots. For reference: Look into unshaken main contemplation munimentation  (APA Guide and a exemplification contemplation munimentation are unshaken)