Regional Integration, Trade, and Capital Flows

   This week you are exploring the issues that consequence the construction of  regional economic agreements. You are so beaction the notion that  multiple levels of economic integration are practicable. To provide for this Discussion, seem at the multiple levels  of economic integration and their proceeds on countries, regions, and  trade. By Day 3 Post your unconcealed findings environing regional agreements, including your answers to these questions: How do regional occupation agreements feign work, financial, corporeal, and subjective consummate disturbance? In what ways do these agreements extension consummate and material disturbance and comment judgments? In what ways do they action occupation recreation versus occupation comment? Provide a unfair in of the consequence of a regional  agreement on a aggregation's production/facility subsidence judgments or  consummate flows (or your toll of a practicable consequence domiciled on  decisions made by the aggregation) and interpret how that judgment in mold  likely feigned occupation flows (exports and imports). Be stable to oration  the three questions aloft in your segregation of your in. General Guidance on Discussion Posts: Your pristine support, due by Day 3, gain typically be 3–4 paragraphs in protraction as a unconcealed expectation/estimate. Di