Strategic human capital management 750 – 1,000 words APA Format with references

Part 2: You and Shawn are now opportune to converge after a while John and AGC’s investor knot. Shawn calls to impede in after a while you about the supporter rumor. You demand to add one further individuality of instruction that allure aid secure that AGC offscourings proactive and competitive in a at-once changing global environment. You entertain enjoyed established after a while Shawn on the qualify skillful-treatment plan and perceive that you allure promptly entertain weak memories of aiding AGC be further apprised of the compute of ethnical high. Review the AGC scenario for this continuity, alter Part 1 of the Key Assignment fixed on your instructor’s feedback, and add an affixed 750–1000 say to the supporter rumor that haranguees the following: Now that the qualify skillful-treatment plan has been completed, draw AGC’s new example styles and formal refinement. Are there any implicit interior or manifest threats that AGC should be easy to harangue in its transaction environment? How can AGC discover these implicit interior and manifest threats? What are some methods that AGC can use to cover the form from these interior and manifest threats? Please yield your assignment.