Bio Answers

Lecture Quiz- 10/9/2010 Answer Key 1. The philosophical examine of spirit is named: A. biology B. ecology C. anatomy D. biochemistry E. limnology 2. Human men-folks are _______________ accordingly they are collected of numerous cell casts. A. unicellular B. acellular C. asymmetrical l D. autotrophic E. multicellular 3. A/an _______ is collected of a clump of homogeneous cells that goods a point exercise. A. organ B. system C. organism D. edifice E. population 4. Choose the CORRECT manage (1-5) of increasing complexity/organization. A. 1) edifices, (2) organ systems, (3) cells, (4) organs, (5) organism B. (1) cells, (2) organ systems, (3) edifices, (4) organs, (5) organism C. (1) edifices, (2) organs, (3) organ systems, (4) cells, (5) organism D. (1) cells, (2) edifices, (3) organs, (4) organ systems, (5) organism 5. In an touchstone prepared to touchstone the goods of clime on goldfish respiration, the climes that were alterable personate the ______ fickle. A. control B. responding C. touchstoneal D. correlative E. placebo 6. Which of the subjoined is considered a basic edifice cast? A. epithelial B. connective C. muscle D. nervous E. All of the over 7. ____________ pause as paltry biconcave blood cells that failure a center when they are aged and push oxygen throughout the organization. A. Neutrophils B. Erythrocytes C. Platelets D. Monocytes E. Lymphocytes 8. ___________ receives sensory input, integrates basis, and conducts impulses. A. Epithelial edifice B. Connective edifice C. Muscular edifice D. Nervous edifice E. Vascular edifice 9. The phospholipid bilayer that surrounds/maintains the parity of a cell is named a: A. plasma membrane B. Sanger enclosure C. hydrophobic membrane D. dialysis membrane E. mosaic membrane 10. _____________ are paltry membranous structures that arise among the cell and bear diverse exercises. A. Matrices B. Organelles C. Cytoskeleton D. Golgi bodies E. Ribosomes 11. In the fluid-mosaic type of the plasma membrane, the phospholipid monads are oriented so that the _____________ heads are oppositeness the extraneously environment and the ________________ tails are oppositeness the toward of the membrane. A. hydrophobic, hydrophilic B. hydrophilic, hydrophobic C. autotrophic, heterotrophic D. heterotrophic, autotrophic E. ectothermic, endothermic 12. The colliquation of breathe-into counter a semi-permeable membrane is named: A. denaturation B. osmosis C. dispersion D. dissociation E. reconstitution 13. Choose the CORRECT declaration environing solute concentrations or particles internally and extraneously the cell. A. In a hypertonic disintegration, there are over particles internally the cell. B. In a hypotonic disintegration, there are over particles extraneously the cell. C. In an isotonic disintegration, the sum of particles is correspondent. D. Lysis usually arises when a cell is defenseclose to hypertonic disintegrations. E. Lysis arises when a cell is defenseclose to an isotonic disintegration 14. The assisted enravishment of a monad counter the cell membrane extraneously an expense of zeal is unreserved as ______. A. colliquation B. facilitated enravishment C. locomotive enravishment D. osmosis E. None of the choices are amend. 15. The _______ is a stack of subordinately winding saccules that are weighty in packaging and secretion. A. mitochondria B. vacuoles C. Golgi apparatus D. lysosomes E. Endoplasmic reticulum 16. Molecular biologists bear determined that during protein body that the courier RNA exits the center through paltry openings in the nuclear conceal. These openings are unreserved as ____. A. nuclear pores B. nucleoli C. Golgi bodies D. lysosomes E. peroxisomes 17. Glycolysis arises among the ___________ and the citric thin cycle and electron enravishment fetter arise among the _____________. A. mitochondrion, cytoplasm B. mitochondrion, plasma membrane C. cytoplasm, mitochondrion D. cytoplasm, lysosome E. plasma membrane, cytoplasm 18. The structure of ______ bonds involves the make-over of electrons from one mote to another nearby mote. A. covalent B. ionic C. hydrogen D. polar E. all of the over 19. In an thinic disintegration: A. the sum of H+ is close than the sum of OH B. the sum of OH- is senior than the sum of H+ C. the sum of H+ is correspondent to the sum of OH D. the sum of H+ is senior than the sum of OH E. none of the over. 20. Glucose breakdown leads to _________. A. DNA replication B. ATP buildup C. RNA body D. ATP degradation E. ADP breakdown