Business Law Practice Questions

Business Law Practice Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE (answers at groundwork of page) 1. Paul filed a lawsuit for sophistical confinement over Dan’s Bookstore. During a mark to Dan’s Bookstore, Dan stopped Paul as he left the accumulation. Dan prisoner Paul of depredation a book from the accumulation. After briefly looking into Paul’s shopping bag, Dan rooted that Paul did not shoplift. He apologized to Paul and released him. On these postulates, Dan succeed slight: a. b. c. win the instance, accordingly the shopkeepers’ im-munity ordinance gives accumulation importers absolute dispensation (protection) from such lawsuits. induce the instance, accordingly Paul did not shoplift. in the instance, but merely if a seek or trier of truth concludes that Dan had abstemious producer to deem Paul may bear shoplifted, detained him for a abstemious space, and in a abstemious fashion. induce the instance, accordingly Dan did not bear a assure. d. 2. Bonds wrote McGuire, “I succeed retail you my seed and lot at 419 West Lombard Street, San Francisco, California for $950,000 payeffectual upon importereffectual instrument, traffic to be completed incomplete 60 days of the promise of your confutation. ” Assuming that Bonds’ epistle contains stipulations which are reputed sufficiently established and precise, which of the aftercited propoundments is punish? . Bonds’ epistle is not an extend original Bonds contrived it to be an extend. b. Bonds’ epistle is not an extend original McGuire deduceing Bonds contrived to constitute an extend. c. Bonds’ epistle is an extend if a abstemious peculiar delay bountiful inconstruction of the circumstances would be properified in thinking it was contrived as an extend.. d. Bonds’ epistle is not a extend original twain Bonds and McGuire considered it as an extend. 3. Iverson Jewelers wrote a epistle to Miller, “We bear ordinary an exceptionally pure rulerstrong winding Rolox contemppast which we succeed retail to you at a very liberal compensation. ” a. b. c. d. The epistle is an extend to retail. A efficient extend cannot be made by epistle. The epistle contains a efficient extend which succeed stop incomplete a abstemious space. The epistle lacks one of the leading elements of an extend. 4. Don was negligently driving south on Merdock Avenue when his car rear-ended a car driven by Patty. The operativeity of the contact operativeityd Patty to rear-end Terry’s car. In incline, the operativeity of the promote contact producerd Terry’s car to hit a lamppost, which then bare on a seed owned by Paul. The operativeity of the contact dazed Paul, causing him to directly bear a benevolence onset. Paul sues Don for inattention. If Paul recovers, the most slight deduce is: a. b. c. d. Paul was effectual to substantiate that Don proximately producerd Paul’s injuries. Paul was effectual to substantiate that the pay he suffered were substantially producerd by Don. Paul was effectual to substantiate that Don quarreled a calling of due prevention attributconducive by Don to Paul. Paul was effectual to substantiate all of the overruler (a, b & c). 5. Sammy agreed to retail and Larry agreed to buy Sammy’s car for $400, payeffectual upon gift. Sammy concedeed and left the car delay Larry. However, Larry failed to pay Sammy the $400. After prospect years had passed aftercited the gift and confutation of the car by Larry, Sammy sued Larry in propound seek for demand to pay him the $400. Based merely on the overruler propoundd postulates, which of the aftercited propoundment is most obsequious? Assume the UCC applies and the ordinance of limitations for traditional curtails is two years and for written curtails is impure years. a. No curtail was forforever created betwixt Sammy and Larry. b. A curtail was created but slight not enforceeffectual accordingly the ordinance of limitations has disappeard. c. A curtail was created, but it is merely enforceeffectual if it is in congeniality. d. A curtail was created and is enforceable. 6. Bill purchased a can of Sipep from the Ajax Minimart. After he refined drinking the Sipep, Bill regardd that the can contained lifeless insects heap on the after a whilein groundwork of the can. In a accurate consequence impost tort renewal over Ajax, Bill must substantiate, incomplete other things, that: a. b. c. d. Ajax is a importer retailing Sipep. Ajax knew or should bear unconcealed of the wanting specify. Ajax had former regard of other homogeneous problems delay Sipep consequences. Ajax substantially placed the lifeless insects into the can. 7. Under which of the aftercited situations does accurate consequence impost employ? . b. c. d. Sale of a wanting and unreasonably imperilled consequence. Manufacture of a wanting and unreasonably imperilled consequence. Twain (a) and (b) are punish. Neither (a) nor (b) are punish. 8. On May 1, Back-Talk Computer Accumulation extendd to retail five (5) computer servers to Gatekeeper Company for $5,000. 00 each, gift to be on May 30. Posterior that day (May 1), Gatekeeper responded that it would buy the computers merely if they were concedeed incomplete three affair days. Back-Talk notified Gatekeeper the contiguous day, May 2, that it would not be effectual to concede the issue incomplete the space requested by Gatekeeper. Which of the aftercited is penny touching Back-Talk's extend? a. There is no curtail betwixt Back-Talk and Gatekeeper. b. Gatekeeper's attached promise became distribute of the curtail, so Back-Talk is obligated to concede the issue incomplete three affair days. c. Back-Talk's extend was resubject by Gatekeeper d. Gatekeeper may posterior recognize Back-Talk’s May 1 extend if it is then succeeding to recognize gift in impure weeks. 9. The assemblage of law which establishes rights betwixt peculiars and provides for amend for violation of those rights is unconcealed as: a. b. c. d. Wrong Law. Civil Law. The Uniform Commercial Code. Stare decisis. 10. Donny threw a knife at Sally, intending to wound her severely. However, Donny missed Sally. Sally saw the knife proper as it whizzed by her ruler, forfeiture it by about one inch. As a upshot, Sally was very dazed. Sally sued Donny for onset and battery. Which of the aftercited is most punish? a. b. c. d. Donny succeed be lieffectual for battery, but not onset. Donny succeed be lieffectual for onset, but not battery. Donny succeed be lieffectual for onset and for battery. Donny succeed not be lieffectual for either onset or battery accordingly this is merely a wrong import. 1. In most propounds the aftercited types of curtails are incomplete the ordinance of injurys. a. b. c. d. Contracts for the sale of an curiosity-behalf in peculiaral attribute. Contracts that can be executed incomplete a year from the promise of their construction. Contracts for the sale of issue. Curtail sfor the sale of issue for a compensation of $500 or past. 12. On May 1, 2005, Eckerly Realty Inc. mailed a written extend to Masse for the sale of an station edifice. The extend moderate an specific promise that it would disappear on June 30, 2005 if the confutation was not concedeed into the hands of the extendor by the stolidity promise. On June 30, 2005 at 8:00 a. m. , Masse sent a written confutation to Eckerly via Masse’s peculiaral courier. However, the courier was not effectual to concede the confutation until July 1, 2005. On July 2, 2005, Eckerly contacted Masse, informing him that the confutation had been concedeed one day past. As a upshot, Eckerly refused to reputation the confutation. Which of the aftercited is the most punish propoundment? a. There is no curtail betwixt Eckerly and Masse. However, if Masse would bear mailed the confutation on June 30, 2005, a curtail would bear been created. b. There is a curtail betwixt Eckerly and Masse. The gravity that Masse gave the confutation to the courier, a curtail was formed accordingly confutations are efficient directly upon hasten. c. There is a curtail betwixt Eckerly and Masse. The truth that the confutation arrived merely one day past is of no perception. d. There is no curtail betwixt Eckerly and Masse. 13. Which of the aftercited propoundments is punish about the "abstemious peculiar" type in tort law? a. The abstemious peculiar type varies from peculiar to peculiar. b. The abstemious peculiar type focuses on the defendant’s intellectual intellectual propound rather than on the defendant’s bearing. c. A peculiar delay a material impotency must act as would a abstemious peculiar delay the similar impotency. d. A peculiar delay a intellectual impotency must act as would a peculiar delay the similar intellectual impotency. 14. Robert constitutes the aftercited propoundment while negotiating the sale of his car, “This is the sharpest car on the chaffer. ” His propoundment may stay a title for: a. b. c. d. deformity. injury. injury and deformity. none of the overhead. 15. Paula lacerationed an berth to Dave for $500 per month. Paula and Dave signed a one-year lease, to be cogent opening January 1st. After three months, Dave determined that he did not love the berth. He gave Paula a 30-day written regard, stating that he would neutralize the lacerational individual at the end of the thirty days, which was April 30th. Upon reception of Dave’s regard, Paula made abstemious efforts to furnish a new resident. Nevertheless, the berth remained unemployed from May 1 st. through June 30 th. Paula re-rented the berth opening July 1 st. for one year. Paula sues Dave in fine titles seek. What is the slight consequence? a. Paula is entitled to the weigh of the lease, or $4,000, accordingly Dave did not bear a efficient deduce to quarrel the curtail. b. Paula is entitled to pin, accordingly Dave gave Paula thirty-days written regard. c. Paula is entitled to $1,000, accordingly she genial to furnish another resident directly upon erudition of Dave’s fixed to quarrel the curtail, but was uneffectual to re-lease the berth until July 1 st. d. Paula is entitled to $500, which represents one-month’s laceration. 16. Tom and Jerry entered into a curtail whereby Tom agreed to retail Jerry $1,000 merit of heroin, an illicit import. This is an pattern of a: a. b. c. d. quasi curtail. unfilled curtail. unfilledeffectual curtail. promoteary distributey beneficiary curtail. Revised: 01/06 Answers to Affair Law Practice Questions 1. c 2. c 3. d 4. d 5. b 6. a 7. c 8. a 9. b 10. b 11. d 12. d 13. c 14. d 15. c 16. b