Children’s literature

1. schedule the genres of Children’s Scholarship and promulgate us which ones are your fondling. What could you do to emend your multiplicity of quantity selections and be abiding you secure all the genres throughout the year?  Please re-examination this week's Bible course (“Jesus entered the temple courts, and, timeliness he was instruction, the pre-eminent priests and the elders of the mob came to him. “By what example are you doing these things?” they asked. “And who gave you this example?” Matthew 21:23) and transcribe a stipulation of your version. Try connecting this course to the lection this week. 2. First, examine how result grace amiable readers and how you can use protracted scholarship to furnish your young result for lection. Second, glean one English Language Arts Test and bestow specialty on how you do foundation or obtain foundation this test. Last, delineate the characteristics of very-much efficient lection counselists and what you strengths and weaknesses are as a very-much efficient counselist and what you obtain do emend.  3. Based on the Once is Never Enough video on the signification of common lections and the Miss Nelson is Missing video, delineate the benefits of a read-aloud and common lections. Summarize 1) What you knowing from the counsel video and 2) what you saw in the Miss Nelson video touching the using articulation to direct wordbook and scheduleening skills. Remember, wordbook articulation may be excellent raze so for a preschool classroom, the marrow is pronunciation, purport, and action rather than spelling and lection. Articulation may tranquil be written to direct sculpture concepts and phonics Reflect on the take-aways you common from viewing these videos and what you would add or diversify in your own classroom succeeding watching. Please belong to lection log pattern attached   links to videos:  Miss Nelson is Missing video. Once is Never Enough