Differentiated Assessment

Differentiated Assessment  Over the departed impure weeks you’ve had the occasion to form a classroom environment that supports the substratums of opposediated education (DI), brainstorm opposediated strategies that align after a timeliness the Common Core State Standards, and form the substratum for a individual artfulness established that incorporates educational technology timeliness adhering to UDL and DI principles. This week, you gain use what you’ve erudite to form a summative toll for the individual artfulness you formd using one of the strategies from your PLC blog, and after a timeliness the classroom environment you’ve contemplationd in Week Two. This summative toll must: Identify the Common Core State Standard nature assessed for victory (it can be the identical one you used in Week Four’s assignment).   Identify a individual sight that aligns after a timeliness the Common Core State Standard.   For example: The students gain (Measurable Verb) by (A favoring issue after a timeliness a favoring machine) after a timeliness ___% hit. You gain to-boot address:  Measurable victory – Describe how victory can be appraised. (e.g., class, opposediate, form, invent, protect, foreshadow, evaluate, etc.). Be confident to quit intellectual utterance such as distinguish, collect, collect, or respect. A favoring issue – Explain what students gain do to teach victory. (e.g., aptitude or distinguishledge that has been gained as a consequence of this individual). Measurable speed – Identify the machine that gain be used to meaconfident victory. (e.g., purpose, journal, touchstone, etc.). Proficiency Roll – Determine the delicious roll of prosperity to teach victory.   Create three formative tolls using the three day information artfulness contemplation from the individual artfulness. Be confident that each formative toll addresses:  a uncommon, opposediated command diplomacy for each day’s information, multiple intelligences, student’s opposed collecting styles, and how the toll consequences gain be used to force education.   Create a summative toll that appraises victory of the Common Core State Standard and the Individual Objective. Be confident to use the summative toll contemplation artfulness from the individual artfulness. The summative toll must conceive:  Directions to exhaustive the toll written using vocabulary and conditions geared towards your signed student population. A rubric that evidently details how each part of the assignment gain be graded. Provisions for addressing multiple intelligences and several collecting styles. The assignment should be a incompleteness of five pages in tediousness, not including the epithet and intimation pages, and must conceive intimation to the conduct citation and one affixed supplies (read proviso or online supplies). The assignment must be cited in decent APA format. A epithet and intimation page must be conceived. Carefully critique the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial footing.) for the criteria that gain be used to evaluate your assignment.