Discussion: Economic Growth

  Answer the subjoined inquiry (200 words narrowness). In this forum, you conquer not be cogent to see your peers' supports until succeeding you support.  Why do economists use legitimate GDP per capita when analyzing economic enlargement?  Visit The World Bank website (Links to an outer office.)Links to an outer office. (https://data.worldbank.org/country) and gather three countries to excite.  Calculate the legitimate GDP per capita absorbed the GDP and population axioms.  Click on “DATABANK” (red tab inferior World Development Indicators) and communication the GDP enlargement (annual %).  Use the enlargement objurgate and Rule of 72 to enumerate how sundry years it conquer siege for legitimate GDP per chief to enfold.  Share your thoughts about the results. (Reminder: Years to enfold = 72 / GDP enlargement) Grading criteria: Correctness of assigned discourse inquiry (5 points). Main support (rejoinder to assigned discourse inquiry) supported by Monday at 11:59pm (1 points). Reply to two classmates OR one classmates and tutor by Wednesday at 11:59pm after a while material responses (2 points). Post is loose of spelling and rhetoric errors (1 points). Post follows netiquette guidelines (1 points). Total Points: 10