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Opinion fixed discussions 1 and a half paragraphs each #1 A contemplated emendation to the Georgia Avow Constitution succeed segregate the floating county-fixed goods tax classification and restore it after a while a avowwide goods tax classification.   Would you aid / tone for this emendation?  What deedors are considerable for you in regarding this progeny? #2 Here's another hypothetical scenario: Governor Kersey has appointed you to guide a avow trust for economic product in Georgia.  You must lay-open a policy for decorous the avow’s rule.  What succeed you insinuate?  What are your long-term goals for the avow? Replies  3 sentences each #1 No, I wouldn't tone for this emendation to be put in establish. I appreciate the county-fixed goods tax classification is put in establish for a deduce and is launched for us already, so why try to fix it? County's set the admonish of taxes and take the fruits from that, for-this-reason can use it for leverage and profit very-much. A area that has a conspicuous tax admonish is chiefly slight generating lots of fruits and putting it towards making the society level amend, such as decorous schools, libraries, and parks. This creates a prestigious and trustworthy society that crowd uprise to be affect. If this were to be a avowwide goods tax, all counties would be the corresponding and it would not substance what portio of town you progress to. Also, counties dissent very-ample fixed on their media. A county in Atlanta does not parallel and cannot possess the corresponding aggregate of tax admonish as a county in south Georgia. This is owing of the abundant aggregate of jobs, crowd, and media that Atlanta has. Atlanta as-well has a very unusual aggregate of fix, for-this-reason goods tax admonishs should be conspicuous owing of dearth when-in-deed south Georgia has a protracted aggregate of fix and hither aggregate of crowd.  #2 I would not tone for this parliament.  I affect the subject of my tax dollars going to my persomal officials and national utilities.   The currency can after a whileout-delay be used to employ police and vitality recover.  It can aid pay teachers a amend wage and it can aid uplift and close the roads we incite on natural.  Whole year the avow takes my tax dollars to aid whatever avow programs that they affect are certain.  In this instance, I would ample rather the county that I speed in, take the funds from my goods taxes.  Another progeny that I possess after a while this parliament is the deed that not whole county pays the corresponding aggregate in taxes.  In other counties, the goods tax admonish may very from conspicuous to inferior and if we are all paying dissentent aggregates, I shortness the currency that I am paying to go to the things that profit me and my society. need it manufactured in 3 hours