Environmental Health

  Purpose This week's graded questions tell to the forthcoming Course Outcome (CO). CO 6: Utilize a systems-based and collaborative admittance to harangue factors that govern the sanity of a order and population sanity problems. (PO 2) Discussion Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's MyEnvironment standing at http://www.epa.gov/myenvironment (Links to an superficial standing.), and invade your city and set-forth, ZIP code, or subsidence into the subsidence box. Choose one of the question areas. My Health My Climate My Air My Water Then, click on the boxes lower the Map Contents menu to add postulates into the map on favoring questions. Explore the standing to glean past environing your environment and things that sway be impacting the sanity of its citizens. Identify celebrity new you gleaned environing your environment and how it could be imposing sanity by completing this set-forthment, "I didn't apprehend _____." How could you, in the role of a order sanity promote, harangue these concerns? Optional: For past environmental sanity advice, you can as-well scrutinize the forthcoming media. Environmental sanity tracking: https://ephtracking.cdc.gov/InfoByLocation/ (Links to an e Air quality: http://www.airnow.gov  Toxic quit inventory: https://www.epa.gov/toxics-release-inventory-tri-program  Note: Please use this zip code: 02126