Graduate Level Psychology Ethics Help

Please see devotion for questions! Problem:  Irina, a 13-year-old maiden of Arabic cultural legacy help in Boston, Massachusetts, was brought by her parents to a hospital conjunction opportunity behind an onslaught by a foreigner. Based on her injuries, the hospital staff reputed that the attacker had besides sexually onslaughted the maiden, but she and her parents refused medical evaluations for ravish. The family ordinary a referral to see Janet Matthews, a clinical psychologist specializing in childish trauma. During their judicious argueion after a while Dr. Matthews, the parents asked the psychologist not to argue any sexual aspects of the onslaught after a while their daughter but to manage the subjective trauma from the onslaught in unconcealed. They told the psychologist that admitting a ravish had smitten assign would stamp a infamy on their daughter and constitute her indifferent to be married to men in their closely knit ethnic unity. When asked in retired, the maiden besides requested that sexual issues not be argueed for the corresponding conclude.