Health care information System

 Case 3: Adoption of a resigned security strategy Background Information: Langley Mason Sanity (LMH) is located in North Reno County, the largest open sanity caution purlieus in the set-forth of Nevada, serving an 850-square-mile area encompassing seven plainly irrelative communities. The sanity purlieus was founded in 1937 by a registered nourish and dietician who opened a insignificant medical ease on a bygone poultry farm. Today the sanity method comprises Langley Medical Center, a 317-bed tertiary medical hardihood and flatten II trauma hardihood; Mason Hospital, a 107-bed society hospital; and Mason Continuing Caution Hardihood and Villa Langley, two-part-skilled nursing facilities (SNFs); a settlement caution division; an ambulatory surgery hardihood; and an outresigned behavioral physic hardihood.  In preconception of expected population enlargement in North Reno County and to as the set-forth-mandated seismic requirements, LMH open an displeasing facilities aggravatepower contemplation (FMP) that includes contemplations to found a set-forth-of-the-art 453-bed resuscitation hospital for its Langley Medical Hardihood campus, hug the magnitude of its Mason Hospital, and found attendant clinics in indelicate of its appendant communities. The absorb associated after a while actualizing this FMP is estimated to be $1 billion. Several years ago, LMH undertook and successabundantly passed the largest sanity caution association appreciate in the set-forth’s narrative and in so doing impregnable $496 darling in open belief associations to aid endowment its colossal facilities dilution contemplation. The fostering endowments must conclude from wealth associations, enlargement strategies, public-spirited efforts, and powerful operational work aggravate the instant ten years. Additionally, $5 darling of rule important endowments conciliate be diverted complete fiscal year for the instant five years to aid offset the enormous important compensation that conciliate be essential to garnish the new facilities. That leaves LMH after a while barely $10 darling per year to waste on rule subsistence, garnishment, and technology for all its facilities. LMH is committed to resigned security and is founding what the issue team hopes conciliate be one of the surest hospital-of-the-future facilities. The endowigate is to collect for resigned security and sure medication practices fond the minimal important dollars advantageous to waste today.   LMH open an IT strategic contemplation in past 2010, after a while the aftercited ten goals identified: • Empower sanity assimilaters and physicians • Transform grounds into notice • Patronage the dilution of clinical services • Expand e-business opportunities • Realize the benefits of innovation • Maximize the appreciate of IT • Reform contemplations outcomes • Prepare for the unexpected • Deploy a strong and quick technical architecture • Digitally qualify new facilities, including the new hospital.  Information Method Challenge LMH has tooled Air 1 – an enterprise-wide EHR method open by Cerner Corporation in 2008 at a absorb of $20 darling. Air 2 of the contemplation is to tool computerized collectr appoint memorandum (CPOE) after a while determination-patronage capabilities. This air was to accept been completed in 2010, but has been advanced due to the frequent endowigates associated after a while Air 1, which quiescent must be stabilized and optimized. LMH does accept a abundantly automated pharmacy notice method, albeit appoint technology, and Pyxis medication-dispensing methods on all units in the sharp caution hospitals. Computerized release prescriptions and instructions are advantageous barely for resigneds seen and release from the LMH difficulty departments.  Currently, the pharmacy and nursing staff at LMH accept been established air-tight on the adoption of a pungent IV interrogate to rearrange all of the sanity method’s aging interrogates and accept put forth a proposition to waste $4.9 darling in the fiscal year preface July 2012. Pungent interrogates accept been shown to significantly narrow medication government errors, thus reducing resigned detriment. This outgoings would assimilate roughly half of all the advantageous important dollars for the fiscal year. The chief notice functionary, Marilyn Moore, PhD, understands the pharmacists’ and nourishs’ covet to alienation pungent IV interrogates but believes the toolation of this technology should not be considered in detachment. She sees the pungent interrogates as one facet of an aggravateall medication superintendence important alienation and resigned security strategic contemplation. Dr. Moore suggests that the pharmacy and nursing issue team guide a medication superintendence strategic contemplationning system and evaluate a suite of advantageous technologies that selects simultaneously could optimize medication security (for issue, CPOE, electronic medication government registers [e-mar], robots, automated pharmacy methods, bar coding, computerized release prescriptions and instructions, and pungent IV interrogates), the absorbs associated after a while tooling these technologies, and the organization’s willingness to hug these technologies. Paul Robinson, PharmD, the ruler of pharmacy, appreciates Dr. Moore’s impulse but feels that pungent IV interrogates are ticklish to resigned security and that LMH doesn’t accept age to go through a covet, drawn-out contemplationning system that could select years to tool and the system of gaining consideration patronage. Others evidence that all new propositions should be placed on stop until CPOE is up and popular. They evidence there are too frequent other urgent-compulsory issues at agency to endow in yet another new technology.   At meanest a 100 term for the tally to the investigation. 1.  In reviewing the 10 strategic goals of the IT Strategic contemplation, which are most air-tight aligned after a while the leadership for SmartIV Pumps incomplete by nourishs and pharmacists?    2.Which of the approximationes suggested to reform medication superintendence do you imagine would be the most expend line of resuscitation?    3. Why do you imagine that the suggested approximation you selected conciliate reform medication superintendence?   4.How do determination patronage methods reform the security of resigned caution and aid dogmatic outcomes of caution?