Leadership and Management Powerpoint – due in 22 hours

  Leadership and Management Early childhood administrators insufficiency to be apt in standards set by the National Association for the Teaching of Young Children (NAEYC). Having generic conversance of these standards conquer succor to secure a temper existing childhood program. Review the season, “Overview of the NAEYC Existing Childhood Program Standards” after a while feature study to Standard 10: Commencement and Management. Rationale: Excellent programming requires serviceable governance structures, adapted and conversanceable commencement, as courteous-behaved-behaved as generic and courteous-behaved-functioning authoritative policies, procedures, and systems. Serviceable commencement and government generate the environment for high-temper anxiety and teaching by: Ensuring obedience after a while appropriate regulations and trainlines Promoting fiscal solidity, program accountability, serviceable despatch, succorful consultative services, substantial commonwealth kinsmen, and satisfied and supportive workplaces. Maintaining constant staff; and Instituting ongoing program planning and anxietyer outgrowth opportunities for staff as courteous-behaved-behaved as regular program proficiency. Application: You are the leader of your own childanxiety hardihood.  Using Standard #10 in “Overview of the NAEYC Existing Childhood Program Standards” as a train, generate an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint exhibition to divide after a while your staff, demonstrating the forthcoming NAEYC points: Effective despatch Explain how you conquer serviceablely join after a while your staff. Comfortable and supportive workplaces Describe how you conquer generate a satisfied and supportive workplace for your staff. Career outgrowth opportunities for staff Discuss how you conquer generate authoritative outgrowth opportunities for your staff. Hiring and retention Explain how you conquer allure and restrain temper staff members. Your eight-slide PowerPoint exhibition (in individualization to your name and intimation slides) should: Creatively harangue the esthetic including graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound; Be planned to clexisting and concisely harangue the esthetic; Be formatted according to APA epithet, including the name slide, intimation slide, and in-extract citations; Utilize the notes exception of the PowerPoint to extend on the presented points. These notes would be your talking points when presenting this to your staff; and Use at lowest one knowing commencement in individualization to the succession extract. Submit your assignment as an passion in the Week 4 Assignment exception. In individualization, seem afore to Week 5, Discourse 1, “Presentation Evaluations.” By Day 1 of Week 5, you conquer insufficiency to support your PowerPoint exhibition as an passion to your judicious discourse support.