Marketing and Tasty Snacks Jenny

Specimen Paper for UPF Marketing-1 after a while retorts Section A - Multiple Choice Questions - 2 marks each (10 marks) 1. __________________ is the rule of evaluating each bargain member's attractiveness and selecting one or past members to penetrate. a. Majority bargaining b. Bargain memberation c. Bargain targeting d. Bargain positioning Answer: c 2. _______________ factors are the most vulgar bases for membering customer groups. a. Geographic b. Demographic c. Psychographic d. Behavioral Answer: b 3. The extent is the effect spirit cycle that focuses on expanding the bargain and creating effect awareness and the Nursing essay is the: a. disengage extent. b. portico extent. c. augmentation extent. d. manliness extent. Answer: b  4. A worth decrease to buyers who buy in ample volumes is designated a(n): a. sum allowance. b. coin allowance. c. seasonal allowance. d. traffic allowance. Answer: 5. A fraternity is practicing ________________ if it focuses on subsegments after a while important traits that may trace a peculiar coalition of behoofs. a. micromarketing b. niche bargaining c. majority bargaining d. member bargaining Answer: b Section B: Case Study Read Item A and then retort the questions that supervene. Item A Tasty Snacks Jenny is studying for her A-levels. At the selfselfsame age, she enjoys launched part-age in a persomal cafe in the village where she lives. She has noticed that the worths teeming to customers in the cafe look to be greatly remarkable than the real consumes of making the meals and drinks. She is strong that the owners must be making a good-tempered-tempered avail. Jenny is now because whether she should heave on after a while her studies or whether she should reasonable liberty train and set up her own cafe. Jenny could set up the cafe in the village where she lives which is in a passenger area. She is so because a busier but past valuable subsidence such as the shopping cpenetrate in the town nigh to where she goes to train. A modern ponder has caught her observation. It is ponderising ‘Franchise opportunities after a while polite notorious constant food brands’. She would scarcity at least  5000 to use up one of these opportunities. Jenny is unstrong whether to set up the cafe as a unmarried trafficr or as a exemption. Questions: (20 marks) 1. Identify two orders of bargain elimination and interpret how each order strength succor Jenny to establish her office prosperous. (10 marks) 2. Jenny is unstrong where the best settle would be to lodge her cafe. She is because two subsidences:  the village where she lives the shopping cpenetrate in the town nigh to where she goes to train. Advise Jenny which is slight to be the best liberty. Answers: 1 - c 2- b 3- b 4 - a 5 Expected Answers: Q1. Bargain elimination orders could include Explain/Elaborate surveys questionnaires focus group internet elimination. or chief and resultant elimination as orders. Q2. Possible areas for discourse include: Analyses- behoof(s) Village subsidence: slight to consume close to buy/rent and run convenient for Jenny passenger area so gain get customers slight to feel close emulation. Town cpenetrate subsidence:  would be past valuable to buy/rent and run all year entire potential slight to feel past customers slight to be past emulation Jenny gain scarcity to peregrination to work