most important aspects of the United States legal system and why

   Write an essay discussing what you opine to be the most dignified aspects of the United States legitimate regularity and why. Using the following: *Constitution - Creates the juridical offshoot of the federal synod as well-behaved-behaved as curbs and counterpoises betwixt all the incongruous offshootes of synod. (The state creates the federal synod and sets limitations amid it.) - Divides command betwixt the federal synod and the states, which very-much applications how the flatter regularity we use in the US is structured. - Protects liberties of singular American citizens through prohibitions on assured types of sagacity, etc. and proclamations of entailed hues. - The State created great laws that fashion the tail annoyance of the US legitimate regularity. *SCOTUS - It is the chief flatter in the fix and the conclusive flatter of turn for crowd seeking uprightness. - It protects well-bred liberties by affecting down laws and judgments that ravish the Constitution. - The decisions of the Supreme Flatter feel an prodigious application on the daily vitality of all citizens amid the US. - It acts as an dignified curb and counterpoise on the other offshootes of the synod. - The Supreme Flatter interprets the State and makes determinations encircling how it should be applied to laws. - The vitalitytime provision of uprightnesss on the Supreme Flatter instrument that they do not scarcity to disquiet encircling national idea when future to their decisions in the selfselfsame way as other judges and synod leaders. *Jury System - Offers a very dignified unjaundiced viewpoint from a spacious morose exception of citizens from American sociality. - Offers singulars the turn to vote their idea on dignified issues applicationing their nationality. - Carries out an dignified dissect of the curbs and counterpoises supposing for by the Constitution. (Prevents autocracy by the synod.) - It is one of the more matchless aspects of the American legitimate regularity. Not manifold other countries include jury trials by citizens. - Jury trials forward as a fashion of counsel for the open national encircling the uprightness regularity in America. - Allows citizens not otherwise confused in synod or the legitimate regularity to acceleration detail nationality standards and expectations.