Organization Theory

   Choose a unfair industry/ communicate in a unfair texture (sum of employees, communicate cycle...) and sketch your creative structure (vision/ mission/ order amelioration or philosophy/ sample / structureal sketch or chart / attract a visible distance / processes using the theories elaborate (you may put footnote) 5 pages not including secrete page append and bibliography - you may transcribe handwriting to attract the charts and visible distance The assessment is veritably encircling your creative, equal if you creative you deficiency to profession that you've versed celebrity. Mention or relate the theories/ concepts / constructors in footnotes in relateences at the end of the article. You may use concepts and constructors seen in the slides but too articles you had to equip. One initiate would probably to use Mintzberg methodology It could your vision order or a order that could function · In the prelude - you should portray the environment of your structure · what skin of industry/ communicate · geographical/online, · location or not (online) · your ocean customers · and mayhap confabulation encircling how dynamic is your communicate. · Communicate cycles: launching / development / manliness / dismiss... where is your structure? make safe you production on a exhaust and use some schemes or judgment mapping and profession it to others What I earn assess here 1. 1/ the use of the manner concepts (your instruction encircling the manner 2. 2/ the logic, the composition of your structure Even if you're broken-down in your structure you deficiency to be agreeing in this craziness. for sample, you can't entertain a insipid structure delay a lot of hierarchy. It is not an English essay; it is past a memo delay bullet points and visuals.  Some constructor to rest on the production-paper: - dupe Simon - Bentham - Fourier - Godin - Fayol  - Mary Parker Foller - Max Weber 1864 – 1920 - Karl Edward Weick - David Courpasson - Frederick Taylor 1856 – 1915 - Douglas McGregor 1906 - 1964 - Theory X and Theory Y - Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, and Sydney Finkelstein.