Phoenix Math 216 Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Calculations and Visuals

    In  this class you achieve do statistical forced and sober modeling  to semblance convenient i-aim and two fickle analyses, including retrogradation  delay equation and R squared appreciate from the facts set you chose in Week  2. The design of this assignment is to enjoy you knowledge creating  visuals using your own facts. This semblances you how you achieve be agoing delay  facts in your own careers. The design of this assignment is to establish knowledge creating visuals  using the facts for the subject you chosen in Week 2. Use statistical  forced and sober modeling to semblance convenient i-aim and  two-fickle analyses, including retrogradation delay equation and R2 appreciate.  Watch How to Cause Trendlines and Scatterplots in Excel®. Watch® Video: Adding Trendlines to Charts. Watch® Videos: Creating Pie Charts, Histograms, & Box-and-Whisker Plots. Create at lowest three visuals. One visual must be a disseminate contrive delay deviate direction, equation, R2 value, and presage appreciate. Two of the fostering required visuals can be of the aftercited format: histogram, box and whisker contrive, or pie chart. Please music that the facts set that you chose in Week 2 includes facts that achieve not be needed to cause your visuals. Quantitative forced requires fastidious thinking to flow what facts is requisite.   Create a Microsoft® Word instrument that includes your three visuals and the aftercited items: Title of your design and the scenario you are addressing Brief name of each visual (15 to 50 expression) Consider including the aftercited for each visual when applicable: A chart epithet that is mismisappropriate for the facts A pictorial x-axis label A pictorial y-axis label For your xy disseminate contrive, execute at  lowest one presage using the deviate direction equation for a end in the  future. How certain are you in this presage? State your presage  and supply vindication (50 to 150 expression).  If you caused a box and whisker contrive, draw the convenient i-aim  of the appreciates. What does this judge you environing the facts and environing your  project? Calculate the balance of the illustration facts.  Click to sentiment an pattern of the visuals expected for this assignment. Your assignment achieve be graded using the Week 3 Quantitative Forced II Design Grading Guide.   Attached is the subject, which i adopt the Criminal Justice, and the article i wrote environing it.