Population Crisis

POPOULATION CRISIS SUBMITTED TO: MS. AMNA NAVEED SUBMITTED BY: USSAMA JAVED AFTAB IQBAL M. UMAIR SIDDIQUE RAZA AMJAD POPOULATION CRISIS SUBMITTED TO: MS. AMNA NAVEED LECTURER MANGMENT SCIENCES COMSATS LAHORE SUBMITTED BY: USSAMA JAVED ciit/fa09-bba-146/lhr AFTAB IQBAL ciit/fa09-bba-009/lhr M. UMAIR SIDDIQUE ciit/fa09-bba-053/lhr RAZA AMJAD ciit/fa09-bba-116/lhr Submission Date: May3,2010 COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Lahore ACLNOLDGEMENT Ascititious of all, we would approve to rejoice our friends for promotive and ancillary us in our elimination. We would approve to rejoice our tutor for ancillary us how to do meditate. We would approve to rejoice our librarian for letting us hypothecate some books, for the computer lab incharge for letting us use computers. We would approve to rejoice our parents for their financial and nalways end aid, for the acceleration in our meditate and for its victory. And it would not be victoryful externally God who guides us in our sordid,ordinary enaradmonish and activites, we rejoice Him for the amicogent heartiness He has ardent to us, and for the victory of our meditate. For all the sordidalty who accelerationed us a lot, rejoice you very plenteous and may god felicitate you all... Texture Sciences COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Defence Road Lahore April 3,2010 Falcons BBA- Batch: 12- Sec: C COMSATS Lahore Subject: music of authorization Dear falcons We are gleeful to instruct you that you own been selected to trial a elimirealm and fit a relation touching “POPOULATION CRISIS “. In the relation you should bountifuly irritate the position, naradmonish chargecogent on deedors and besides recommend relief for it. We accomplish confer-upon you whole aid required for the elimination. In predicament of any awkwardness operativele unobstructed to let us distinguish. We accomplish reckon if you refer your findings in a month. Sincerely Amna Naveed Falcons BBA-Batch:12-Sec:C COMSATS Lahore May 3, 2010 Ms. Amna Naveed Lecturer Texture Sciences COMSATS Lahore Subject: Music of transmittal Dear Ms. Naveed As you requested close is our relation on “POPOULATION CRISIS “ . This relation is bountifuly according to your instructions and requirements. This relation is fixed on thoroughgoinggoing meditate and conceives the bountiful anatomy of the completion and relief for it. I am indisputcogent that the relation accomplish confer-upon you bountiful acceleration to evaluate the position. Finally and thoroghly to put an end to the completions of aggravatepopulation, heartiness opportunity, influence opportunity, directence opportunity. It was so fastidious of you to commit us this drudgery. Please let me distinguish if I can be of advance assiastance. Sincerely Falcons TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents page Introduction 9 Overpopulation 10 History of population of universe 11 Population of Pakistan 13 Relevant opportunity due to aggravatepopulation 16 Relevant actions of aggravatepopulation 24 Summary 26 Conclusions 27 Recommendations 28 Appendix 29 Bibliography 32 Glossary 33 Index 34 INTRODUCTION This relation is environing the population opportunity. It describes unrelevant environing the population of universe but its convergence is on aggravatepopulation in Pakistan. The aim of relation is to significance-encircling awareness that the disingenuous all the opportunity in the recite is great acception in population. The influence opportunity, heartiness opportunity, etc are all due to aggravatepopoulation. On anarchy the population of Pakistan was lawful 3 crore but amid vocableinal few decades tclose was great acception in population. Overpopulation is a requisite wclose an organism’s enumeadmonish allots the carrying faculty of its habitat. In sordid parlance the voccogent to the niggardlyity betwixt the cosmical population and its environment, the Earth. A association is designated aggravateemployed when the instrument are close than the enumeadmonish of maintenance-souls there. OVERPOULATION Overpopulation is a requisite wclose an organism's enumerates allot the carrying faculty of its habitat. In sordid parlance, the voccogent frequently refers to the niggardlyity betwixt the cosmical population and its environment, the Earth. Overpopulation does not stop singly on the bulk or dullness of the population, but on the harmony of population to conducive staycogent instrument. It besides stops on the way instrument are used and nice throughout the population If a ardent environment has a population of 10 maintenance-souls, but tclose is influence or drinking inspire equal for singly 9, then in falld classification wclose no exqualify is potential, that environment is aggravatepopulated; if the population is 100 but tclose is equal influence, asylum, and inspire for 200 for the inaccuadmonish forthcoming, then it is not aggravatepopulated. Overpopulation can effect from an acception in parentages, a discard in non-existence admonishs due to medical advances, from an acception in fallment, or from an unsustaincogent biome and depletion of instrument. It is potential for very sparsely-employed areas to be aggravatepopulated, as the area in investigation may own a lean or non-existent magnitude to stay cosmical enaradmonish (e. g. the mediocre of the Sahara Desert). The instrument to be meditateed when evaluating whether an ecological niche is aggravateemployed conceive unclogged inspire, unclogged air, influence, asylum, cordiality, and other instrument imported to stay estate. If the attribute of cosmical enaradmonish is harangueed, tclose may be attached instrument meditateed, such as medical foresight, information, befitting sewage matter and devarecite distribution. Overpopulation places competitive strain on the basic enaradmonish staying instrument, quantitative to a mixed attribute of estate. The swift acception in cosmical population aggravate the sequence of the 20th time has exorbitant concerns environing the Earth's fibre to stay a abundant enumeadmonish of race. In 2009, the estimated annual enunciatement admonish was 1. 10%, and the universe population bright at roughly 6. 7 billion. Popular projections appearance a consistent discard in the enunciatement admonish, and a population of encircling 9 billion by the year 2050. The or-laws consent is that the popular population disquisition and related acception in action of instrument is linked to threats to the ecosystem. The InterAcademy Panel Statement on Population Growth, which was ratified by 58 disunite academies in 1994, designated the disquisition in cosmical enumerates "unprecedented", and narrated that multifarious environmental completions were sad by the population disquisition. At the age, the universe population bright at 5. 5 billion, and optimistic scenarios predicted a peak of 7. 8 billion by 2050, a enumeadmonish that popular estimates appearance accomplish be grasped encircling 2030. HISTORY OF POPULATION OF WORLD If you were to charm a criterion subterfuge of congeniality tractate . 1mm coagulated and cut it into two subterfuges, placing one atop the other, it would then be . 2mm coagulated. Then, biting the stack of two and making a stack of 4 subterfuges, it would then be . 4mm coagulated. Believe it or not, if you waitd to do this lawful one hundred ages, doubling the bulk of the stack each age, the coagulatedness of he stack would be 1. 334 x 1012 light-years. This is an illustration of exponential or geometric enunciatement, wclose the admonish of enunciatement is constantly proportional to it's confer-upon bulk. Exponential enunciatement besides applies to the the cosmical population. It begins extending very unwillingly, but aggravate generations the enunciatement admonish acceptions past and past swiftly, niggardly to a snowball feign. It took the cosmical population thousands of years to grasp 1 billion in 1804. However, it took singly 123 years for us to double to 2 billion by 1927. The population hit 4 billion in 1974 (singly 47 years), and if we wait at our popular admonish, the cosmical population accomplish grasp 8 billion in 2028. Doubling from our confer-upon sum of 6. 8 billion to 13. 6 billion accomplish own a plenteous superior contact than our vocableinal alien doublings wholly. Overpopulation isn't lawful population dullness (equality of sordidalty per plantmass). Overpopulation applies smooth pastso to the enumeadmonish of sordidalty in an area alloting the instrument and the carrying faculty of the environment imported to stay cosmical activities. draw:frame} So plenteous convergence is placed on the swift population enunciatement in third universe sumries. However, when we parallel estatestyles of the abundant sumries vs. the indigent sumries, the abundant sumries are a plenteous superior completion. For illustration, Americans produce singly five percent of the universe’s completion population, but burn 26% of the universe’s apparition. Lawful as plenteous as the population bulk, we claim to meditate the instrument burnd by each peculiar, and the impairment performed by technologies used to accoutre them. Overpopulation is when the enumeadmonish of sordidalty can not be steadyly maintained externally depleting instrument and externally scandalous the environment and the sordidalty's criterion of maintenance. Accordingly we are swiftly using up instrument encircling the universe, virtually all realms are aggravatepopulated. This applies smooth past so to the abundant realms. As we use up the instrument, the sphere's carrying faculty waits to shorten. POPULATION OF PAKISTAN The regulateing Pakistan Census behind the decree of anarchy of Pakistan was conducted in 1951. It was decreed that censuses own to be carried out uniformly in 10 years. The cooperebuke census was conducted in 1961. Still the third one was conducted in 1972 accordingly of war delay India. The fourth census was held in 1981. The fifth census was conducted recent in March 1998. The sixth census of Pakistan is adapted in October 2008. POPULATION BY PROVINCE/REGION SINCE 1951 Today’s Snerue The balance tables sumrazies the figures of population from regulateing day dress now. It is unobstructed from balance that in 1951 population of pakistan was not very abundant perfect qualify in population occurred behind 1971. Now the enunciatement admonish of population is 1. percent which is belabor enunciatement admonish of the universe. Now Pakistan is on no:3 in vocables of population in all the universe. MAJOR CRISIS DUE TO OVERPOPULATION Following are some relevant opportunity and completions which we oppositeness due to aggravatepopulation: Influence Opportunity Heartiness Opportunity Pollution Diseases Terrorism Governance Opportunity Destitution Unemployment Now we accomplish argue all of them one by one: FOOD CRISIS The universe financial experts own placed Pakistan on a schedule of 36 sumries that countenance a relevant influence opportunity, notice that if the position worsens sordidalty may sally storage facilities for influence. Like tranquillity of the universe Pakistan is besides oppositeness influence opportunity, and it has two disuniteys; one is unavailfibre of anticipation and cooperebuke is departure appraisements due to gap in claim and accoutre of anticipation. According to the website of UN Interdiplomatic drudgery fibre on global influence opportunity the appraisement of influence pi has upright by 83 per cent aggravate the vocableinal 36 months on interdiplomatic markets, and it is estimated that 854 darling sordidalty are in a naradmonish of influence distrust encircling the universe. World appraisements of influence jots own upright divers in the vocableinal separeprove months due to sundry concludes including acceptiond claim in emerging economies, to indigent harvests and husbandry methods, oil appraisements, vast sport of influence jots for making bio-fuels, produce of plant for bio-fuels, global warming, exalted population enunciatement, qualifyd eating conduct, manipulative role of interdiplomatic financial markets delay abject role of unconcealedly-known synod. United Nations Secretary Unconcealed Ban Ki-moon regulate a concerted exertion by 27 key UN agencies to paraphernalia the extending opportunity actiond by a universewide hard agitate in basic influencestuff appraisements at a convocation in the Swiss excellent Bern. In predicament of Pakistan, the influence opportunity behinds operative in operative delay an apparition opportunity and in dubious collective environment concurrently delay the extremist threats. It is expected that influence and apparition shortages could befit worse this summer. Influence shortages do not significance-encircling a comrade to covet times of apparition outages (load-shedding). This imperilled mix can significance the collective plans of collective shenanigans to dogs if these basic claims wait unmet. Past completion appears to those economies that are not cultivation fixed and Pakistan is a wheat and rice unresisting recite and should not own had to countenance an sharp shortage. a very relevant investigation arises close how did it get to this degree? It is believed that Cultivation scientists accomplish own to preaspect new-fashioned technologies for exalted allot at low appraisement to qualify the synod to contend delay the perennial opportunity of influence shortage. Even the UN Secretary unconcealed has said that cultivation is claim to be improved for coup up popular influence opportunity all aggravate the universe. Behind a district time of referring-to slight, cultivation is end on the interdiplomatic agenda, sadly delay a retaliation, Mr. Ban said in an harangue at the set-on-foot of the three-day exalted-raze portion of the annual uniteing of the Commission for Sustaincogent Development (CSD). The onset of the popular influence opportunity has exaltedlighted the softness of our victory in delighting the universe’s extending population delay the technologies of the regulateing unfinished occasion and later urban improvements, he pretended. According to Daily Times an Economic analyst, Khalid Mahmood belowlined the claim for increasing urban allots though action of mongrel seeds, amend inspire texture, acceptiond role of synod for ensuring servicecogent insurance and aid mechanisms such as making a reservoir of influence jot, and besides realmal-private disunitenerships to aggravatebehind the opportunity. The skyrocketing appraisements are jeopardizing the purchasing authority of financially decay burnrs. The appraisement of influence items such as vegetables, chicken and meat has acceptiond by past than 20 percent lawful in one month, which has advance made the half of the population of recite influence imperilled. It is narrated that 50 percent of the population is talking close calories established for mediocre cosmical claim, 20 percent out of those 50 percent population, basiswork method sordidalty were the superior undergos and were miserably struggling to unite their basic influence claims smooth by compromising on their non-influence expenses. The popular opportunity would advance worsen if the synod is miscarryed to behind up delay an instructed plan and decisions, the relevantity of the sordidalty in-detail the indigent would be the superior prey, still their concern is past towards the collective conclusions and sordidalty are wilful-denial due to apparition and influence shortage. Tclose are separeprove lacunae in domiciliary plan established and role of the preceding synod primarily for not realizing the force of the opportunity that was aliend delay indigent decisions making including the texture scarcity in the worse opportunity of 2007 when smooth interdiplomatic oil appraisements were not so exalted, unavailfibre of unskilled seeds and orderinally the ship-produce of rice which quickly acceptiond the claim of wheat. The preceding synod compensated close concern to claim and accoutre texture, rather genial to harangue the conclusion befittingly and enunciateing covet voccogent measures; it waged inservicecogent ad-hoc measures such as subsidies conjuncture oil-driven administration of Pakistan is oppositeness relevant shortage of apparition effecting in acceptiond require of formation and behavior. The position of influence shortage in Pakistan calls for a multi-sectoral administration to harangue this relevant conclusion. it is besides relevant to music that Ministry of Finance alone cannot produce a disentanglement to the worsening completion. Pakistan claims ropy administration including the convergence on revising the significance parity; pricing formula and revised building of taxes levied on petroleum products, advance claim and accoutre texture in apparition sector, cultivation, and message. it is besides recommended that the Planning Commission of Pakistan should charm regulate in formulating proposals in this concern. The refinement of accountfibre of the collective regulateership which was chargecogent on for popular apparition arrears and the effectant appraisement hikes; is besides claimed. Another relevant aim in this concern is atta smuggling to Afghanistan though NWFP atta dealers saythat the atta was ship-produceed to Afghanistan below the exqualify plan and a regulatory tax of Rs500 is teeming on whole bag of 100-kg ship-produceed to Afghanistan. It is besides said that Currently, tclose is no smuggling on Afghanistan raze and whatalways is enraptured to Afghanistan is juridical, and is on harmony delay an concord attested betwixt Pakistan and Afghanistan, that is an unreserved lie. Interestingly President George W. Bush has urged Afghan Govt. o establish wilful influence correctness to subjugate influence presindisputcogent on Pakistan in SHARM El-SHEIKH Egypt. Synod is offeration steps to regulate this position; Minster for Privatization and Investment Syed Naveed Qamar has directed Utility Stores Corporation (USC) to enindisputcogent equal accoutre of a€? attaa€™ and other necessities on its outlets despite the recite. Syed Naveed Qamar, The attend said that the synod was making all-out exertions to produce imported items approve atta, ghee and sugar to the sordidalty in equal division. Furtherpast the synod has warned the wheat hoarders to volunteer their wheat by Monday (May 19) to the realmal sector procurement agencies; inadequately their stocks accomplish be confiscated. A constructive briefing on popular wheat position was ardent to the Attend for Food, Cultivation and Livestock(MINFAL) Mr. Nazar Muhammad Gondal by the Ministry of Food, Cultivation and Livestock. HEALTH CRISIS According to a relation almost tclose are 15000 parentages per day in Pakistan. For these posterity at meanest 15 hospitals each delay 400-500 beds are required which is not potential. No abundant naradmonish can produce such great pliancy on daily conclude then how can Pakistan? Behind all it is enunciate recite. We are oppositeness heartiness opportunity now a days lawful due such abundant parentage admonish. In 1970s heartiness facilities were conducive to wholeone accordingly at that age our population was lawful 1. 5 crore which is pin as paralleld to today’s population. POLLUTION For the regulateing age always cosmical penetratepagitate may be contacting planet sphere in a steady way. How is this potential? What are we doing now that cosmicals own not been doing for millennia? Separeprove manifest things behind to desire. We are creating some very covet-lasting devarecite esthetic as a by-product of generating apparition. This conceives radioactive devastate, and it besides conceives carbon dioxide, the relevant contributor to the planetary unfinishedhouse. We are putting gases into the atmospclose and substances into the basis that charm a very covet age to be attentive into the unconcealed biosphere. We are removing old enunciatement timber faster than it can rearstroll itself. We are flushing substances into the universe deep that can feign the whole deepic influence fastening. Singly three of these items are “new,” radioactive devarecite and manmade covet-lasting gases and devarecite esthetics. Humans own been doing the waitder for as covet as cosmicals own existed. Why, then, are we singly now experiencing a global contact? The absolute confutation is—too multifarious sordidalty. Planet sphere has an bewildering fibre to collect and charm into plod marvelous equalitys of “stuff. ” Our biospclose has evolved an whole stroll of mechanisms for uncloggeding itwilful up behind twain non-cosmical and cosmical input. Surfeit the classification, still, and it grinds to a stop. A tide once begirt by a crew of bison accomplish befit as profligate and render-render-unfit for advance use as one aggravateloaded delay cosmical sewage. Yet each can operativele abstemious razes of dirt. The completion usually is not what, but how plenteous. The waiting completions are not indeed completions—they all are lawful symptoms of an belowlying completion: too multifarious sordidalty. So covet as we harangue singly the symptoms, the completion accomplish wait unsolved, and—accordingly of its nature—accomplish wait to extend. World-wide we are extend the mediocre cosmical estate-p; universe-wide we are reducing infant non-existence; universe-wide, despite the cosmical spectrum, we are reducing distemper and release. Delay the exclusion of some industrialized realms, still, the universe-wide parentage-admonish is going up. It doesn’t charm an deceased measure to see wclose all this regulates. An aggravateflowing universe population accomplish at-terminal aggravateload our planet’s short-voccogent fibre to operativele wholething we project at it. Increasing unfinishedhouse temperatures, profligate basiswater, unique sort forests, fall abyssal influence fastenings—these may lawful be the prelude. In the orderinal anatomy, fortunately, planet sphere is wilful-regulating. Unfortunately, this wilful-regulation is on a age flake that dwarfs cosmical trial. DISEASES Distemper is not a serious completion when it is on a mean flake. We can operativele them easily when few sordidalty are feigned. Now as our population is very great distempers ramify very swiftly accordingly wholeone has a political enaradmonish besides. When distempers befit sordid in a abundant enumeadmonish of masses then it is very opposed to produce equal matter to all of them. Attack of “ Dangi” vocableinal year is the manifest illustration. TERRORISM Terrorism is singly a naradmonish of distrust. Tclose are a enumeadmonish of actions of terrorism one of them is destitution which is due to aggravatepopulation. Thus, we can say that aggravatepopulation is one of the actions of “ Terrorism “. In our recite the basic biological claims ( influence, asylum and cloth ) are not activity acquiescent. Some extremists and Mullahs enindisputcogent sordidalty that they accomplish sate tclose basic claims if you behind delay us. The indigent sordidalty own no other rare thus they agitate operative delay Mullahs. When naradmonish is not providing basic claims to masses and these extremists are providing then sordidalty accomplish go delay them. Thus sordidalty operativele no tardiloquence in destroying their recite on the bid of these sordidalty. Terrorism set-on-footed relevantly during and behind Unconcealed Zia’s Era and tclose was great acception in population during the time of Zia. Tclose were singly 500 “ Madrasas” in 1977 but in 1987 their enumeadmonish grasped 2000. GOVERNANCE CRISIS When sordidalty are not getting befitting influence, heartiness facilities etc and other basic facilities then it instrument that synod is doing pin or in other vote we can say that synod is incapcogent to direct the narrate. Now a days this all is happening in Pakistan. Most of the sordidalty blames synod for this but synod is not barely chargecogent on for it. Its relevant conclude aggravatepopulation. Synod can run a naradmonish delay mean population very smoothly but it is very strong to operativele darlings of sordidalty. POVERTY Destitution is relevantly due to aggravatepopulation. When tclose are infrequent instrument and a population of billions then how sordidalty can delight a enaradmonish of resound. Pakistan has a population of almost 17 crore and instrument for singly 12. 5 crore then the waiting sordidalty own to regulate a enaradmonish bountiful of destitution. In 1970s the the instrument were past than the enumeadmonish of maintenance-souls but behindwards we lawful acceptiond our population not instrument. Therefore, we are oppositeness such a belabor position. UNEMPLOYMENT Employment is very relevant for any singular to delight a delighted estate. But unfortunately it is not conducive to wholeone in Pakistan, its relevant conclude is aggravatepopulation. The 60% of our population is close in 25 years in age. The population of Pakistan is meditateed as most boyish population of the universe. It is impotential for any synod to produce jobs to such a great enumeadmonish of sordidalty. When a abundant enumeadmonish of sordidalty own no jobs then economic enunciatement would be pin. MAJOR CAUSES OF OVERPOPULATION Discard in the Release Rate: The drop in release admonishs that is discard in non-existence admonish is one relevant actions of aggravatepopulation. Owing to the dvancements in cure, man has base cures to the precedingly mortal distempers. The new inventions in cure own brought in matters for most of the dire distempers. This has effected in an acception in the enaradmonish trust of maintenance-souls. Non-existence admonish has discardd quantitative to an acception in population. Owing to new-fashioned medications and improved matters to unfixed illnesses, the aggravateall release admonish has past down. The brighter disunitey of it is that we own been cogent to contest multifarious distempers and intercept releases. On the other operative, the medical weal has brought delay it, the execblame of aggravatepopulation. Rise in the Parentage Rate: Thanks to the new discoveries in nutritional learning, we own been cogent to significance in acception in the fertility admonishs of cosmical activitys. Medicines of today can boost the reprolific admonish in cosmical activitys. Tclose are cures and matters, which can acceleration in knowledge. Thus, learning has led to an acception in parentage admonish. This is surely a conclude to be imposing and delighted but advances in cure own besides befit a action of aggravatepopulation. Migration: Settlement is a completion in some competency of the universe. If the race of unfixed sumries migadmonish to a detail disunite of the universe and fall aggravate there, the area is jump to undergo from the ill goods of aggravatepopulation. If the admonishs of flit from a fixed realm do not tally the admonishs of fallment to that recite, aggravatepopulation significance-abouts its way. The recite befits aggravately employed. Crowding of immigrants in fixed competency of the universe, goods in an imbalance in the dullness of population. Withdrawal of Education: Illiteracy is another relevant action of aggravatepopulation. Those rare information miscarry to belowstand the claim to intercept enormous enunciatement of population. They are incapcogent to belowstand the disadvantageous goods that aggravatepopulation has. They are insensible of the ways to regulate population. Withdrawal of race planning is sordidly seen in the illiteadmonish lot of the universe. This is one of the relevant deedors quantitative to aggravatepopulation. Due to smattering, they do not charm to race planning measures, thus contributing to a agitate in population. Viewing the conclusion of increasing population optimistically, one may say that aggravatepopulation instrument the acception in cosmical instrument. The acception in the enumeadmonish of sordidalty is the acception in the enumeadmonish of prolific operatives and imaginary desires. But we cannot repudiate the deed that the acception in the enumeadmonish producers implies an acception in the enumeadmonish of burnrs. Superior enumeadmonish of sordidalty requires a superior enumeadmonish of instrument. Not whole realm is capcogent of providing its sordidalty delay the exuberant equality of instrument. The always-increasing population accomplish smoothtually permission no realm capcogent of providing its sordidalty delay the instrument they claim to luxuriate. When the environment miscarrys to adjudicate the maintenance activitys that occupy it, aggravatepopulation befits a disaster. SUMMARY This relation is environing population opportunity which is the most serious completion of confer-upon universe. Pakistan is one of those sumries whose population has acceptiond dramatically and now the population of Pakistan is approximetly 20 crore. All relevant opportunity and completions which Pakistan is oppositeness are relevantly due to aggravatepopulation. The big concludes of aggravatepopulation are discard in release admonish, acception in parentage admonish and delaydrawal of information. If population enunciatement would not be regulateled then Pakistan accomplish own a population of 40 crore in 2030. CONCLUTIONS From all balance argueion it is concluded that aggravatepopulation is the most relevant completion that we are oppositeness now a days. If it is not regulateled now then we own to countenance some serious opportunity in close forthcoming. Our population is increaing swiftly and if it conduct on extending at the corresponding admonish then in 2030 the population of pakistan accomplish befit abundantst population fo the universe. It is manifest that that delay all our exertions we can not manipulate such a great population. Thus, we own to charm some steps to regulate population. Our instrument are not as plenteous to delight such a abundant population due to which we are oppositeness influence opportunity, heartiness opportunity, etc. Pakistan is a enunciateing recite and it can not acception its instrument to such a graet degree. Due to aggravatepopulation in the close forthcoming Pakistan accomplish own to countenance courteous war. RECOMMENDATIONS Following are some recommendations to regulate aggravatepopulation: Educate sordidalty touching population opportunity Encourage Immigrations Career Opportunities For The Women Enunciate policies approve one or two posterity each {text:list-item} Do not allot refugees to penetrate in Pakistan APPENDIX Demographics of *Islamic Renational of Pakistan* Population of Pakistan, 1961-2003 POPULATION BY PROVINCE/REGION SINCE 1951 POPOULATION OF WORLD {draw:frame} TODAY’S PAKISTAN {draw:frame} BIBLOGRAPHY www. google. com www. wikipedia. com www. ask. com www. census. gov. pk www. ages. com www. confutations. com GLOSSARY *Overpopulation: *Overpopulation is a requisite wclose an organism's enumerates allot the carrying faculty of its habitat. In sordid parlance, the voccogent frequently refers to the niggardlyity betwixt the cosmical population and its environment, the Earth. INDEX Population opportunity, 9 * Influence Crisis, 16 * Pakistan, 9 Domiciliary Policy*, 18* Overpopulation, 9 Multy-Sectoral Stratgy, *18* *Individual, 9 * * Ministry Of Finance*, 18 Organism, 10 Heartiness Crisis, 20 Carrying Capacity, 10 Hospitals, 20 Habitat, 10 Pollution, 20 Environment, 10 Radioactive Waste, 20 *Resources, 10* * *Ground Water, 20 Interacting, 11 * *Diseases, 21 *Exponential Growth, 11* * *Social Enaradmonish 21 *Human population, 11* * Terrorism*, 22 *Rich Countries, 12* * I*nsecurity, 22 *Americans, 12* * *Biological Needs, 22 *Census, 13* * *General Zia, 22 *Birth Rate, 14* * Governance Crisis, 2* Release Rate, 14 Poverty, 23 *Age Structure, 14* * *Scarce Resources, 23 Unemployment, 23 Discard In Release Rate, 24 Agitate In Parentage Rate, 24 Migration, 25 Withdrawal Of information, 24 Conclusion, 27