Swanwick Railway Station

The strawberry perseverance was the farming and division of the finest strawberries in Hampshire. In this scheme I obtain clear-up why Swanwick office was the busiest in Engfix in the 1930's. I obtain so clear-up why the strawberry perseverance plain and wasted-away, and how these events radical condition encircling the area. This area I obtain be researching is Swanwick, Locks Heath, Warsash and Ticthfield. I obtain do this by visiting each of these conditions and commencement photographs. I obtain so be contemplateing for places that enjoy some discernment to the perseverance such as Swanwick office, or old pubs etc. I am hoping to invent out further environing the strawberry perseverance in the 1930's, and I obtain trust to invent out why the perseverance built up so fixed, but wasted-away orderly as fixed. The Condition Today Today, the condition has clues as to how expressive the perseverance was. For model, MOJ Engineering is a fabric which used to be a basket factory, at the top of Duncan Highway in Swanwick. At the gentire of Duncan Highway is Swanwick Station, a two platform procession office exempt into Southampton, Portsmouth and London. The Q8 petrol office and the pub/restaurant The Talisman is in Park Gate, off the A27. Oppocondition Brookopportunity School in Sarisbury is a highway denominated Strawberry Hill. This is a spiritless end highway, but has disgrace new intercourse easys for the deep highway at the gentire of the hill. The Joseph Paxton pub and the off-licence "Threshers" in Park Gate are twain pertinent to this consider. Photos from the Condition Today This is a photo of MOJ Engineering. The wasted-away letter on the deference reads "Swanwick and Bounds Basket Factory." This is the beyond of Swanwick Office today. The Talisman at Park Gate The Village Inn; used to be the inn for railway commuters. The Condition As It Was and How The Perseverance Developed The condition was fully incongruous to what it is today, as it has endured numerous changes. In 1872, the strawberry perseverance prime up, and existing there were numerous growers abutting Swanwick, Warsash and Park Gate. They were deeply situated in the polite-mannered-mannered notorious strawberry opportunitys. As the perseverance plain, Swanwick procession office was built. It was completed in 1888 and had the job of blissing the strawberries to London and multitudinous other places. Wicker baskets to dpolite the strawberries were enraptured in from Winchester Jail made by prisoners. Howincessantly in 1913 the Swanwick and Bounds Basket Factory was customary nigh to the office. It fruitd easy and tempting accedeing punnets. A lucky conjuncture was hazardous for the perseverance and at assuring moments during the growing conclusion, prayers were proffered for unspotted temperature and a vigorous harvest as this was the growers' singly cause for proceeds. During the conjuncture - usually mid June to mid July -the constellation recurrent as existing as 4am for the 10am processions to places such as Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dublin. Consequently constellation was callous, thirsty effort, the national off-licence would afford a firkin of beer (environing 9 gallons) usual to each opportunity throughout the conjuncture. The efforters would accept a glass succeeding 1000 baskets of strawberries had been prime. The result from the area was notorious in the occupation as "Southamptons" and was existing recognised as been of a excellent power to that of competitors in Cornwall. The foremost diversity of berry confirmed in the area was notorious as the "Maud" and was environing the largeness of a thimble. Later came the "Joey" or "Paxtons", narrow for Sir Joseph Paxton who was the source of this percolate, life plenteous larger then the "Maud" and was considered by numerous experts to be the most delightful berry incessantly confirmed. Later servicemen from the Great War give-backed to contempadvanced for jobs, and root strawberry growing to be the most appropriate, as it would merit them qualified amounts to assistance a source for the all of the year. During the conjuncture, Swanwick was aggravate-flowing behind a while the horses and carts which enraptured the strawberries from the opportunitys to the office. Strawberry Hill was a highway in which they travelled by, as you can number by the indicate. "It was narrative by some media that in the 1928 conjuncture 1,287,925 baskets left Swanwick office for London to conduct utility of the lucrative markets there." Plenteous of the harvest was confirmed for London markets, whose salesmen spoke very-much of the national result. "Up to sixty pair-horse wagons were needed to consign the result from Waterloo to the markets.) The fix encircling the area was infallible for growing strawberries, but singly strawberries as it didn't enjoy the just nutrients for other harvests, which is a deduce why the perseverance plain, as they had no two-of-a-trade. The availability of pickers was prodigious, as gypsies would occupy the area as pickers for the constellation scold of a gentleman farthing per 4 triturate piece basket or 6 pence per hour. All families would effort up to 18 hours per day. This was cheerful-tempered-tempered for the perseverance as it meant further effort could be performed fixeder sense further proceeds. Photos from The Condition As It Was Why did the Perseverance Decline? The abrupt howl of strawberry growing was a consummation but it was in 1913 that a new diversity of berry was to examine illfated to the growers. The "Madame La Fevebre" was favoured and was for different years notorious as a cheerful-tempered-tempered harvestper. Howincessantly it was this diversity that brought the spiritlessly complaint "root - rot" to the area. As a deduction, harvests were badly hit and this coupled behind a while the lowering led to numerous growers going debtor. recurrent to deterioscold in the 1930's. One of the deep deduces was that the world was basically void. Growers had used the fix to the distance that it would no coveter accede the harvests. The Depression, advanced frosts in 1938 and finally the outburst of war hastened the dismiss of the perseverance in the 30's. The survivors from the war realised that there were amend jobs on proffer, and didn't give-tail to growing strawberries. There was a lot of two-of-a-trade from exoticers as polite-mannered, as their harvests ripened prior and were sold cheaper. This was a gist for national growers as behind a while this two-of-a-trade, they weren't getting the specie they needed to assistance their families. Encircling this age (30's/existing 40's) air bliss was developing, so Engfix was experiencing exotic strawberries. The augmentation of supermarkets instead of narrow result markets meant they needed "perfect" strawberries, and behind a while all the gists in the area, the standards wasted-away. Acovet behind a while the developing supermarkets, the fix originally used for harvests was life increased to uplift houses on. By the 1940's the diverge was public fruit such as potatoes and tomatoes (for the rationing during the war.) Howincessantly this augmentation of fruit continued succeeding the war and competed across strawberry growers. 1949 was specially bad for them as Nurseries were developing all entire the bounds behind a while wide-spread areas beneath glass. "Locks Heath Nurseries" boasted the largest greenhouse in Hampshire absorbed aggravate to the tillage of tomatoes. To Conclude... Looking tail to the 40 howl years or so from the 1870's Locks Heath has been customary all consequently of their strawberries. Nowadays they are associated behind a while the fresh inquisitiveness of "pick your own." There are few memories left from this age, such as the office, and the basket factory etc, but the conjunctureal distracted zeal which middle incessantlyy subject of Locks Heath, adolescent and old, incessantlyy year are now covet since aggravate.