Website Development

   we accomplish set-out the CARIT place after a while three static HTML pages and a CSS refine. Create a loving folder for this design. This folder should comprise all cognate refines in this design. The advenient milestones are cumulative and built at-unintermittently on top of your foregoing fruit. Function/resigned requirements: 1. A abode page denominated “index.html”, which enclose these divergency at last: · Description of the disposition. You may intimation the issue places. · Latest tidings: use schedule tags; fabricate up some tidings segregates. · Use <p>, <br />, and distinction tags well. · Other divergency you may desireing to design: measure, front representation, etc. 2. About us (faculty) page · Present at last three donation members after a while their advice enjoy representation, positions, lore interests, and apposition advice. Put a incorporate on each indicate which incorporates to his/her separate website. You may bedesire to donation advice hither: or their websites hither 3. A third page which you can run what resigned to be put on. Use the intimation places as issues. For issue: designs, instrument, events, etc. You entertain to use the consideration tag at last unintermittently for some resigned. 4. For all three pages, unfold the forthcoming low divergency: · The indicate of the disposition (place designation) in a big distinction · A logo after a while a incorporate to “” · A menu which consists of three quotation incorporates, incorporateing to three pages overhead respectively. Apply some impending phraseologys.  · These low divergency should unfold the selfselfsimilar in all pages. Style requirements 1. All pages should entertain the selfselfsimilar phraseology and layout. 2. Create your own page phraseology. Use a ultimate phraseology, handy, clean; not too distortionful and bespangled. 3. Apply some fine phraseologys to HTML elements enjoy paragraphs, representations, schedules.  4. All incorporates should entertain some distortion other than the forfeit distortion. 5. The menu segregate incorporates phraseology should be contrariant from other incorporates. Create a threaten commodities for menu segregates so their phraseologys exexchange when the mouse cursor is on them. 6. Please do not use any third verge phraseology frameworks or packages. File/code construction requirements 1. Use one phraseology quibble refine (.css) for all three pages. Use tabulate selectors wisely. 2. Organize page resigned sections (header, resigned, footer, etc.) in a reckon of <div> tags. This should be harmonious on all pages. 3. It’s recommended to put all representation refines in an “img” subdirectory. 4. You should not use any conjuror to produce HTML/CSS, nor should you portraiture and paste the HTML from other fount after a whileout cleaning it. 5. All pages should fruit on your hosted place. Submission Maintain a speed fruiting webplace for the design on      your hosted place. Submit the URL (at-unintermittently put in the Comments quotationbox). A milestone announce in PDF, including: Proper conceal page Overview: mean resume of your fruit, including how requirements are amiable. The URL to your speed design (milestone #1). Web page screenshots after a while explanations. Take a       screenshot of each webpage unfolded in the browser. Clearly imprint and portray all screenshots. All screens must be unclouded, initiatory, and pretence the perfect browser window (merely the top segregate of the page if the page is too desire). No vivid editing or cropping is undisputed.  References (styles, representations, etc.) Compress all fount code refines into a .zip refine. Do not zip the announce.