Week 6: Interrogation for Discussion  (Wk # 6: June 8 to June 14 - Ocean column underneathneath Assignment by Wed, June 10 at 11:59 PM EST). Students are required to column a stint of three times per week (1 ocean column obedient the interrogation 100% precedently Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST and 2 co-ordinate responses by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST). The three columns in each particular argument must be on disjoined days (selfsame day columnings / replies gain not be reliable). Chapter 11 - Hydration and Oral Care. Chapter 12 – Elimination. Questions:  Choose a plight, malady, guess-work imposing the time-honored discussed in stipulation 11 and 12 of your textbook. 1. Discuss signs and symptoms of the selected plight, malady, guess-work.  2. Explain potential compositions. Guidelines: The exculpation should be fixed on the attainments obtained from balbutiation the work, no equitable your judgment.  Grading Criteria: Student mentioned a plight, malady, guess-work discussed in stipulation 11 or 12 of the textwork (25%). Student mentioned at last 3 signs and symptoms of the selected plight, malady, guess-work (45%). Student explained potential composition(s) of the selected plight, malady, guess-work (30%).