Assignment: Final Reflection A encounter obsolete or won is amply feeling, understood, and recognized, but the spiritual development of a majestic race requires cogitation, as well-behaved-behaved as contemplation, to recognize it. —Frederick Douglass (Douglass, 1999) Like a majestic race, an structure can merely amplify and abound when the men-folks delay it obtain?} the term to heed on lessons knowing. Throughout this round, you enjoy been consecrated the turn to inquire numerous topics kindred to how HR departments can befit over strategically linked to structures. Now it is term to heed on what you enjoy examined in this round through your Discussions and Assignments and Instructor feedback. Through cogitations that includes contemplation, collocation, and separation, not merely HR callingals, but complete employee in an structure reaps the benefits. For this Reflection: Consider how your sentiment of the HR calling as a strategic accomplice delayin an structure has radical since the preparation of the round. Reflect on useful applications of Human Resources as a strategic affair accomplice. Consider how the different functions of HR stay the management of an structure. Consider how insights gained in the round accomplish enjoy an collision on your walk.