Body language

Visit a notorious immeasurableness and remark two commonalty interacting for at smallest 10 minutes. These must be commonalty you DO NOT KNOW. You achieve insufficiency to be potent to remark their matter speech, so if they are seated and you can't see more than half of their bodies, then furnish a new set of commonalty to remark. I applaud presentation notes while you're observing so you can shaft a complete response. Body speech includes abundant, abundant things, such as facial expressions, eye reach, arm and operative gestures, shafture, leg movements, personal immeasurableness, positioning, visible arrival, artifacts (e.g., jewelry, purse, etc), reach, nidor (e.g., matter odor, odor, etc), and still. After you remark the chat among these two commonalty, solution the aftercited question: What is the kind of the similarity among these two commonalty? What examples can you summon to demonstrate how you reached that disposal? Your solution can discourse such things as how crave you imagine they've unreserved each other; whether they are boss and inferior, friends, or in a rhapsodical similarity; whether they are getting acrave or annoyed at each other; if they are enjoying their duration together; having a grave chat; etc. Essentially, state me as plenteous as you can encircling what you've surmised encircling their similarity inveterate merely on watching them.