Good Failure

“Good Failure”  Read the name Why Deficiency is Good-tempered for Success, then transcribe and pronounce a oration in which you capture a situation on whether deficiency is really good-tempered-tempered for prosperity.  To accomplished this assignment:  1.    Read the name  2.    Write the Oration  a.    Use Microsoft Word to order your essay.   b.    Paragraph one is your gate.  It should present the question and hold the subject assertion which holds your situation on the question.   c.    Paragraphs 2-4 are the oceantenanceed chapters for your subject.  They should oceantenance your subject assertion, entertain question sentences that rehearse to the subject assertion, and hold joined advice that advance oceantenances the subject.  You should use peculiar experiences from your activity that unfold how you entertain failed, what you entertain knowing from deficiency, and how you bounced end following deficiency.   d.    In this disquisition, you must strengthen one paraphrase from the name and call it in passage and on the Reference page uprightly using APA citations.  This paraphrase must be highlighted in yellow.   e.    In this disquisition, you must also strengthen one inextensive, frequented adduce from the name and call it in passage uprightly using APA citations.  This frequented adduce must be highlighted in bluish.   f. The developed chapter is the quittance. It should join to the prefatory chapter and summarize the ocean points of the disquisition.   g.    Sources/References:  List the creator, name of name and commencement advice.  Refer to the Pocket Keys for Writers to aid you order your commencement catalogue.  Here is the incorporate for the name: .PLEASE REFERENCE CORRECT ARTICLE APA! 5 PARAGRAPHS. MAKE SIMPLE AS THIS IS BEING USED FOR A SPEECH! MAKE SURE QUOTES AND PARAPHRASE ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN CORRECT COLORS.