Human Resources class ANSWER ALL 3 Questions In APA Format Human Resources Class 250-300 words each

I need all three inquirys listed lower answered partially in APA format  250-300 vote each inquiry after a while one relation for each inquiry. Quality Work, constructive rectify rhetoric. Oration everything for each unconnected inquiry.  Need by 11/29 9pm EST Question 1 -  An ex- teacher near Cincinnati filed a acuteness lawsuit across her first-mentioned mistress-school purlieus privilegeing that her unfitness – the dread of immature progeny – is healed by the ADA. She had several other privileges for acuteness naturalized on other factors to-boot unfitness. Research the web (her spectry is Waltherr-Willard) to imbibe of the details of her aspect and lawsuit, which was of-late firm. Do you conceive she had a fair privilege lower the ADA, why or why not? What husk of trial do you conceive would be needed for someone in her position to enlighten the affect of the legitmacy of that privilege? Which other privilege(s) do you conceive was her best casualty to win...if any? Discuss. Question 2  Many mistresss had to lay off employees in adjust to dwell productive, or at last dwell in affair, during the Great Recession. Although things affect gotten better, layoffs hold today for a multiplicity of reasons. How rule a product fibre diminution make age acuteness privileges? What can an mistress do to secure itself from these types of privileges? Question 3  Listen to a NPR recording on the Americans after a while Disabilities Act (Copy concatenate) .  First, distribute your sense and thoughts on the recording. Discuss whether you affect the vocable “qualified single after a while a unfitness” can be too broadly interpreted in some productplace settings. From a HR perspective, how rule you oration a aspect where an employee approaches you looking for an accommodation?