Industrial Hygiene Case Study

You are asked to evaluate employees’ charybdiss to methyl n-amyl ketone during a painting influence. After considerate suspect, you prefer NIOSH Process 2553 for the sampling. You can avenue the process by clicking the converge below: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (2003). Ketones II: Process 2553. In P. M. Eiler & M. E. Cassinelli (Eds.), NIOSH manual of analytical processs (4th ed.). Retrieved from Your pre-sampling and post-sampling cross-examine calibrations using a pristine measure are twain 0.05 L/min. You convene indivisible exemplifications on two employees started in the influence. The exemplifications are conveneed for 430 minutes (Sample 1) and 440 minutes (Sample 2). • Calculate the exemplification volumes for each of the exemplifications. The laboratory reports that the face individuality of Exemplification 1 comprehends 5,000 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone and the end individuality comprehends 200 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone. The face individuality of Exemplification 2 comprehends 4,000 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone and the end individuality comprehends 50 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone. Neither the face nor end individualitys of the province utter you supplied comprehend any detectable levels of methyl n-amyl ketone. • Calculate the concentrations of the two indivisible exemplifications in μg/L and mg/m³. • Convert the product to ppm (MW for methyl n-amyl ketone = 114.2). Note: Use the conceptional gas uniform of 24.45. • Show all the steps for your calculations. You then relation OSHA’s Table Z-1 and meet that the 8-hour TWA PEL for methyl n-amyl ketone is 100 ppm • Discuss how the products of the two indivisible exemplifications you conveneed parallel to the OSHA PEL, and clear-up the sampling process you implemented. You to-boot behold up the ACGIH TLV for methyl n-amyl ketone and meet that the TLV is 50 ppm as an 8-hour TWA charybdis. • Discuss how the products for the two indivisible exemplifications parallel to the ACGIH TLV. • Discuss whether you would commend comparing the products of your sampling to the OSHA PEL or the ACGIH TLV. Include your rationale for the dainty, and clear-up how you would rationalize your dainty to your mistress. The condition consider should be a partiality of three pages in extension, and you should refer-to the NIOSH muniment using APA phraseology.