Kim Woods

• ECE101  • Discussions  • Week 2 - Argument 1 After balbutiation Chapters 3 and 6 in your textbook and viewing the ECE 101 Theorist Gallery Tour (Links to an manifest footing.)Links to an manifest footing., it is likely that a few speculative standards are of cause to you.  In this argument you achieve clear-up the two speculative standards you allied the most after a while and mention how the theorists’ ideas align after a while your exoteric avowals environing how shafterity collect, become, and expand. This achieve succor as you effect to collect who you are as an existing childhood schoolmistress. Theorists and Theories  Piaget: Theory of Cognitive Development  Vygotsky: Sociocultural Theory of Development  Gardner: Theory of Multiple Intelligences  Skinner: Operant Conditioning Theory  Bandura: Social Learning Theory  Freud: Psychosexual Theory of Development  Erikson: Theory of Psychosocial Development  Kohlberg: Theory of Moral Development Initial shaft: Your judicious shaft should apprehend the following:  • Describe the two speculative standards  you amalgamate after a while the most. Clear-up your thinking.   o Summarize the standards in your own utterance.  o Explain specifically how/why each standard aligns after a while your avowal environing how shafterity collect, become and expand.  o Describe a real-life issue for each speculative standard. For issue, if you feel seen a schoolmistress stipulate scaffolding, clear-up what you saw and how it aligns after a while Vygotsky.