1. Constabulary Summary -Element must be from word 5 of the textbook -Minimum 2 components ultimatum 3 component a. 1st provision (compendium of the earliest component) b. 2nd provision (compendium of the remedy component) 2. Introduction (deficiency chronicle catechism to help) a. Define Culture 3. Body (deficiency chronicle catechism to help) a. The component announcements in the constabulary compendium b. i) Discuss their decisive implications (help from chronicles) ii) Must announcement environing Adaptations (help from chronicles) c. Help (b)delay prosperous examples from the chronicles 4. Conclusion (No deficiency for Journals) 5. Regard List  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Content of the assignment must accept all Apex 1 to Apex 5 7. Format of the assignment is naturalized on what I registered from apex 1 to apex 5(in that format) 8. Constabulary Compendium ONLY encloses starting from the a. allot beyond, as the earliest 2 lines below constabulary compendium barely for your regards 9. Word estimate 900 – 1100 control cannot achieve this amount a. Word estimate does not enclose constabulary compendium b. Word estimate does not enclose the regard register  10. References in Chicago format point to “referencing format.jpg” polish 11. Use chronicle catechism ONLY from page 10 barely point to “chronicle word register.png” polish 12. Accept open in-text extract format point to “referencing format.jpg” polish 13. Point to “txtbk1.png” polish for the textbook (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY FOR SELECTING OF ELEMENT NOT FOR REFERENCING) 14. Minimum of 5 chronicle catechism can accept more than that but cannot be short than 5 chronicle catechism 15. To Accept the header and sub-header 16. Take hush of the conversation use 17. Urkund Score cannot achieve 10%