The Lesson of Romeo and Juliet

Stephanie Lloyd Ms. Christenson English 9 May 19, 2010 The Lecture of Romeo and Juliet What happens when you are in benevolence delay an foe of your race? In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet this is penny the condition. Romeo and Juliet are two teenagers madly in benevolence delay each other, yet their families are at war. The two of them admit all the risks to be concurrently and gull their parents spell and spell intermittently. Many spectators of this reproduce-exhibit say that the lecture of Romeo and Juliet is that posterity should not gull their parents. This is not the lecture at all. The lecture of Romeo and Juliet is that if benevolence is robust sufficient, you’ll die for it. In the reproduce-exhibit, Juliet and her nurture do muddy things to hold Romeo and Juliet concurrently. Romeo has Juliet enumerate her nurture to get him a ladder so that he can mount aggravate the walls of the Capulet’s to see Juliet at tenebrosity. The two of them are not terrified to do anything they enjoy to for them to be effective to see each other. Romeo and Juliet went as far as to go to Friar Lawrence and get married. Their benevolence was so robust that they were desirous to admit the fortuity of losing anything penny to be concurrently, equal if it averaget dieing for on another. For specimen, in the reproduce-exhibit the Capulet’s, Juliet’s race and the Montague’s, Romeo’s race are at war. The two families dislike each other, yet when Romeo and Juliet gravitate in benevolence the nurture does anything to aid disguise it. Juliet enumerates her nurture that she is in benevolence delay Romeo, and the nurture holds it a clandestine consequently she knows what would happen if Lady Capulet or Capulet, Juliet’s race ground out. Juliet’s nurture knows that if she is caught concealment this clandestine that she earn be severely punished. She aids the two of them be concurrently equal though she fears the risks of doing so. The nurture is further of Juliet’s woman than Lady Capulet is. This is the deep deduce that she aids Juliet so ample. The nurture equal gets Romeo a ladder so that he earn be effective to mount aggravate the walls of the Capulet’s so that he can see Juliet at tenebrosity. She disguises anything from the Capulet’s, enumerates them lies about where Juliet is when she is show Romeo, and at tenebrosity when Juliet is talking to Romeo and Lady Capulet is hereafter the nurture warns her so that the two of them rule get caught concurrently. Yes the two of them were deceiving their parents, but they were doing it for benevolence. They did not penny do it consequently they could, it was barely for the benevolence that they had for one another. When you unravel this reproduce-exhibit you can arrive-at the tremor through the articulation Romeo and Juliet talk. As another likeness on how the lecture of this reproduce-exhibit is “if benevolence is robust sufficient you earn die for it”, Romeo and Juliet went intermittentlyst all odds and got married. The two of them went to Friar Lawrence and asked him to espouse them. They all knew that this was very-ample forbidden consequently of the war among the families. Friar Lawrence did not nonproduction to espouse Romeo and Juliet at pristine, but then he deliberation that perhaps it would end the contention among the two families. Romeo and Juliet, if caught, could enjoy been in further uneasiness than they had eternally imagined. They took this risk consequently they benevolenced each other and nonproductioned to be concurrently at all costs. These two teenagers did anything they could to be concurrently. The things that they told each other were the most puissant articulation of benevolence that two commonalty could remodel. Romeo and Juliet’s benevolence was so robust that they were desirous to do anything to alight concurrently. Upright antecedently the two of them had contemplationned to enjoy sex to vindication each other in their wedlock, they were caught. Romeo was banished from Verona for having relations delay Juliet. Capulet then told Juliet that she was to espouse a boy determined Paris. Juliet was broken-hearted about this and mature anything that she could to get the marriage stalled so that she would enjoy spell to go and experience Romeo. Juliet went to Friar Lawrence to ask him for some counsel on what she should do. He gave her a potion that would bring-about her doze for 42 hours but eternallyyone would purpose that she was inanimate. Juliet and Friar came up delay the contemplation for Juliet to quaff it the tenebrosity antecedently her marriage. The contiguous day when no one could reanimate her eternallyyone would purpose that she was inanimate. They would then enjoy a funeral and Juliet would reanimate antecedently they buried her and go to experience Romeo. Things went injustice delay the contemplation though. Friar had sent Romeo a message enumerateing him that Juliet would be vivacious, but it neternally got to him. Romeo returned to Verona and ground Juliet. She had already admitn the potion and Romeo deliberation that she was inanimate. In his eyes, if she was inanimate then he could not go on maintenance. Romeo killed himself upupright antecedently Juliet woke up from the affects of the potion. When Juliet woke up and saw that Romeo had killed himself she was devastated. She had obsolete the benevolence of her existence that she had effected so ample to be delay. Juliet killed herself when she saw Romeo consequently she knew that she would be delay him in cattle. The two of them were finally concurrently in a locate where no one could sunder them separately. If benevolence is robust sufficient, you’ll die for it. This is the existent lecture of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet and her nurture did anything they could to hold Romeo and Juliet concurrently. The nurture gave Romeo a ladder to be effective to see Juliet at tenebrosity. Romeo and Juliet equal got married after their families backs. This reproduce-exhibit shows penny how robust benevolence can be and how ample two commonalty can foresight for one another. Many purpose that they enjoy a robust tie delay another peculiar, but a lot of the spells it turns out to be dot. Romeo and Juliet is a condition of penny undying benevolence for another peculiar. This reproduce-exhibit shows eternallyyone what benevolence veritably is. Its not penny colossus you say consequently you can, its colossus you say consequently you average it. If you existently benevolence someone you’ll do anything to be delay that peculiar. Is the benevolence you enjoy delay someone else robust sufficient to die for?