Annotated Bibliography

   W2: Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Purpose The intention of this assignment is to adapt you for the dissertation course by creating an annotated bibliography. You allure need the ability to test concordant discovery, discover the articles, and match foregoing effect into your own discovery. An annotated bibliography helps you educe and hone these discovery skills.  Description The subject of your annotated bibliography is your discovery article subject. After completing this week's Learning Activities, educe an annotated bibliography of at smallest 7 co-ordinate-reviewed connectences and remarks. Each remark should embody three 3 paragraphs: a abstract, evaluation, and reflecting. (For Subject connect developed assignment you submitted on discovery question Ø Question you appropriate is How do Ecommerce Companies Address Privacy in its Policies) Deliverable   Prepare a Microsoft Word muniment that embodys: · Title page · Annotated Bibliography Format your muniment in APA title. Each rise must be present (published in the developed few years). Each rise must be co-ordinate revisaled (undergone a shapely co-ordinate revisal anteriorly entity published in a record or presented at a meeting).