Big Sugar, Lake Okeechobee, and Florida’s Water

  Big Sugar, Lake Okeechobee, and Florida's Water Recent years keep seen element mandates to the Florida Legislature to traffic delay Everglades refuge, tinsel videos of Summer spell inexperienced slime outbreaks on twain of South Florida's coasts, and important infighting in the Legislature balance whether or not to traffic delay the growing crisis in South Florida's impart career. A. Read these online stories and examination the video as elucidation earlier to participating in this Forum. Do not share in the argument delayout having this elucidation acquirements. Big Sugar Hires 64 Lobbyists in Tallahassee Bittersweet: The Sugar Industry in South Florida Florida Legislature Passes Everglades Restoration Bill - May 2017 Lake Okeechobee: A Spell Warp for Polluted Water What is Eutrophication? (video) U.S. Sugar Corporation abode page B. Now rejoinder the forthcoming questions in your posting and sum your responses B1 and B2 (excellence 12 points). B1. How has cartoonist Doug MacGregor used the cartoon at the top of this page to elucidate the popular condition of the denomination of South Florida's impart career? That is, how has he used the map, colors, shapes, etc. to utter this fable?  B2. Describe whether or not you conceive the specimen is considerate in its depiction. Use your textbook readings or the aloft articles/video to patronage your denomination.