capital planning

 Your dexterity has the subjoined payer mix: 40% marketable insurances25% Medicare insurance15% Medicaid insurance15% obligation insurance5% all others including self-pay  Write a 3-4 page tidings that addresses the subjoined requirements: Assume that for the interval in inquiry you keep 2000 occurrences in the proportions overhead. (What are the proportions of the entirety occurrences for each payer?) The medium Medicare trounce for each occurrence is $6200- use this as the baseline. Marketable insurances medium 110% of Medicare, Medicaid mediums 65% of Medicare, Obligation insurers medium 200% of Medicare and the others medium 100% of Medicare trounces. (What are the particular liquidation trounces for all 5 payers?) What are the expected trounces of liquidation for this interval create for each payer? What is your expected A/R? What trounce should you enjoin for these services (sumptuous one enjoin trounce for all payers)? (This gives you your entirety A/R.) Proportion the entirety enjoins for all occurrences domiciled on this trounce. What is the discord between the two A/R trounces overhead? Can you gather it from the enduring? What happens to the discord? Which of these consumes are agricultural? Which are wavering? Direct or foreign? materials/supplies (gowns, drapes, bedsheets) Wages (nurses, technicians) Utility, construction, experience exp (lights, excitement, technology) Medications Licensing of dexterity Per diem staff Insurances (malpractice, affair etc.) Calculate the oblation brink for one occurrence (in $) delay the subjoined consumes for this limit, per occurrence: a. materials/supplies: $2270 b. Wages: $2000 c. Utility, construction, experience exp: $1125 d. Insurances (malpractice, affair etc.): $175 Using the overhead notification, mention which is agricultural and which consume is wavering. Then proportion the breakeven quantity of occurrences in units for this limit. Suppose you neglect to constitute $150,000 emolument between this limit and contiguous limit to stock an exposition to the NICU, how manifold occurrences would you keep to see? At what payer mix would this be optimal?