Discussion: Performance Improvement Clearly the criteria, construction, and centre that underlie the Baldrige way feel been key contributors to our daily advancements. The feedback we accepted … has been instrumental in providing a obvious pathway map for the voyage. —Michael Murphy, CEO, 2007 Baldrige Award case, Sharp HealthCare Incremental vary is how a amelioration of consistent advancement creates a model of victory. In the Discussion for Week 4, you proved an construction’s actions in affinity to criteria of exalted reliability and recommended steps for advancement. This week, you conquer revisit your recommendations. Note: For this Discussion, you are required to adequate your judicious column precedently you conquer be telling to representation and answer to your colleagues’ columnings. Begin by primeing the “Post to Discussion” incorporate and then prime “Create Thread” to adequate your judicious column. Remember, once you click propose, you cannot delete or edit your own columns, and cannot column anonymously. Please obstruct your column carefully precedently primeing Submit! To provide for this Discussion: Read this week’s articles on the standards for exalted reliability, then rerepresentation the Week 4 Discussion. Draw comparisons between your construction and others, and prove any feedback supposing by your peers. By Day 3 Post a cohesive apology to the following: With the feedback and this week’s readings in belief, reprove the steps for advancement of exalted reliability which you suggested for your construction. Would you vary your recommendations in buoyant of what you feel well-informed in this sequence? Could your recommended steps be extensive or courtly? Support your apology by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources. Read a primeion of your colleagues' columnings. Consider how your colleagues’ columnings tell to the knowledge presented in the Learning Resources and to your own columning.