Please select from one of the subjoined two topics and transcribe an essay. Your essay must be (1) first, (2) grammatically reform, delay equitable spelling, and (3) headed by a exemplar protect page. The collection of the Nursing Dissertation must betwixt three pages to five pages of double-spaced extract, although a one-page appendix/relation can be assumed to your Nursing Dissertation. You want to use at lowest three sources for relations from journal articles and books (APA phraseology for the relation is preferred). Online resources can be used but content quote the website in the relation. Late Nursing Dissertations conciliate take ZERO confidence. Essays are due AT THE START OF CLASS. Content sculpture out a stapled portraiture of your essay, electronic statement is not current.  As for Topic 1, you want to protect the subjoined three issues:  1.Identify one American unshaken which operates oversees. What are the differences of their policies practiced short in the United States and overseas?  2. Identify which managerial (economics) decisions fabricate them happy and what managerial (economics) decisions fabricate them fruitless.  3. Focus on how incongruous gregarious and political setting, incongruous negotiate and cultural structures, and incongruous geographic locations could swing managerial and economics decisions.  Topic 2: "The farthest proof of man's sense may be his conciliateingness to offering colossus today for forthcoming generations whose utterance of benefit conciliate not be heard." Gaylord Nelson earlier master of Wisconsin, co-founder of Earth Day. As for Topic 2, you want to protect the subjoined three issues.  1. Discuss environing how we could startle a poise betwixt today’s economic outgrowth and environmental perdition (the pros and cons).  2.Discuss late discoveries of dubious vocation practices, which manage to environmental problems.  3. Identify a happy US unshaken delay a well-known express assemblage statue. Identify the managerial practices that keep manage to such luck.