Essay to write

1. (format) a 500-word adjustment. Use Courier New, 12-point font and inclose distance.   1. “The abundant come abundant by acting moneyless. The moneyless come moneyless by acting abundant.” 2. “If you deficiency a coadjutor get a dog.” 3. “It takes 20 years to behove an overnight achievement.” 4. “Youth is worn on the youthful.” 5. “Doubt is the preface, not the end, of knowledge.” 6. “Trust but substantiate.” 7. “Genius is one percent frenzy and 99 percent perspiration.” 8. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” 9. “If you deficiency star produced just do it yourself.” 10. “Necessity is the dame of fable.” 11. “The unexamined conduct is not price stay.” 12. “Less is over.” 15. “Be circumspect what you ask for. You potentiality get it.” 16. “Work brisk, not forced.” .  Choose one of the rules listed overhead. Who leading wrote/spoke the rule or where does it emanate? What does the rule balance? What is the author’s faithfulness? Why do you admit or disadmit after a while the rule and how if at all has it made you rethink what you purpose environing the subject-matter precedently researching the rule? How could you adduce this “wisdom” to your conduct?