Homework Help 9

   Question 1 Write an essay sift-canvassing the reasons for the two new auditing roles in Oracle 12c. Why did Oracle deliberate them certain? What problems do they resolve? How do they advantage companies?  Use the five provision format. Each provision must enjoy at last five sentences. Apprehend 3 quotes delay passage marks and cited in-line and in a register of references. Apprehend an animated meaninful address. Need a 1.5 pages APA format tractate. No Plagiarism. Question 2 Discuss the effect personality cycle and sift-canvass the pricing strategies followed in each exposure of the personality cycle. Need a 1.5 pages APA format tractate. No Plagiarism. Question 3 Research Paper: Implementing notice technology opposite the world. Need 2 pages APA format tractate. Tractate should apprehend an vestibule, a matter delay largely exposed gratified, and a falsification. No Plagiarism. Question 4 Consider diagram 7-1 from your textbook. Answer the subjoined scrutinys: 1. Do grant layers add an assault demeanor to the work? How encircling an e-commerce nearness? 2. The provide association obtain interact delay an perfect vocation ecosystem of frequent other organizations. Interactions obtain probably apprehend twain community and automated flows. Are these third parties to be trusted at the corresponding plane as the inner systems, such as gratified treatment or axioms separation? Use axioms and examples to patronage your answers Need 1.5 pages APA format of 2 divergent answers for aloft scrutiny. Total 3 pages. No plagiarism.