Listen perceptively to the “Kyrie” from “Missa O Magnum Mysterium” by the Renaissance Spanish composer Tomás Luis de Victoria.

In 5 defective paragraphs, picture the attributes of the melodious preference, according to the subjoined momentous criteria: 1. RECOGNIZE AND DESCRIBE: At smallest one in of each melodious element—rhythm, tempo, song, comparison, timbre, treatment, and form—that happen in this feature conformation. Use exact melodious provisions well-informed in the succession and described adjectives. Examples of described adjectives capability include: a "menacing" song, "triumphant" dynamics, or a "racing" tempo. Use your imagination! 2. DEVELOP: Your conclusions encircling what the agent was trying to personate. [Might a "racing" tempo personate an violate to fly from jeopardy or dancing at a observance?] 3. INTERPRET: The conformation's tender esteem, using talk that pictures tender states. Does the voicelessness specific joy, trepidation, choice, optimism, seriousness? 4. EVALUATE: The conformation's poetical quality: What makes this conformation a estimable performance of art? 5. ANALYZE: The pi that the conformation has on you. How does it specific aspects of the rational stipulation? Does the voicelessness intimate a philosophy for buttress?