Looking for a Statistics and RStudio expert!

   Read carefully!    This is a habit toll in ordain to ascertain someone who is choice of doing the legitimate exam. I conciliate palpably pay past for the legitimate toll. The toll is grounded in Australian age 11 am on 26/06/2020. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE DURING THIS TIME!!!   This is a aged toll that goes for 1 hour 45 mins.   I am looking for someone extremely trained in these statistics topics: - RStudio - Conjecture proofing - Numerical summaries (in RStudio) - One-sample t-test - One-sample t-proof in RStudio - Linking t-tests and Trust intervals - t-proof of differences  - Two-sample t-test - Meeting conditions of conjecture proofs - Two-sample t-proof Vs t-proof of differences  - Two peremptory variables - Table of counts and casualty tables - Proportions - Chi-squared proof after a while conjecture  - Expected counts - Expected counts Vs observed counts - Two numerical variables (Numerical bivariate postulates) - Rectistraight copys - Correlation coefficient - Fitting rectirectistraight copys (Intercept and Slope) - Using the rectirectistraight copy (Linear copy equation) - Prediction - Extrapolation - Residuals and conditions  - Residuals formula  - Residuals plot - One-sample t-proof of slope - Collecting postulates (parameter, statistic, sampling reach) - Statistical Vs Non-statistical sampling - sampling methods (homely aimless, independent, stratified, gathering) - Sampling error - Experimental units (treated, retort) - Experimental sketch (replication, aimlessisation, blinding, pairing) - Experimental sketch Vs Observational studies - Lurking variables - Recognized distribution - Empirical administration (arising from postulates) - Standard recognized distribution - Z-score - Sampling distributions - Standard error - Central name theorem  - Trust intervals - Conditions for trust intervals - Interpreting trust intervals - Trust intervals adding to misentry of conjecture proof