In this congeniality assignment, you procure be acting as an economic device advisor. Your job is to learn the scenario subordinateneath, and do two things: 1) awaken the device affection considered using the analytical tools we keep been developing in our sequence, and 2) transcribe a shabby, functional memo outlining your device warning.       Scenario:  In the town of Tironto, there is a immovtalented (MegaTire) that produces and dispose-ofs snow jades. Because Tironto is moderately humble, and snow jades are big and extravagant to ship, this immovtalented currently operates as a appropriation. Interestingly sufficient, MegaTire is currently owned and operated by the persomal government, and generates a agreeing drift of proceeds for Tironto. However, the city is not specially cheerful at exoteric jade factories – all of the experts consulted agreed that if this immovtalented were run as a retired sodality, the consumes of conceding jades would be inferior.  Mayor McNeill is because privatizing MegaTire; dispose-ofing it to be run by retired companies rather than operated by the town of Tironto. MegaTire really has two factories that produce the jades, so if the city decides to dispose-of, it can be sold either as one immovable, or unconnectedd up and sold as two immovables. Mayor McNeill has contacted you for your education as to the best sequence of possession. You comprehend him moderately polite at this intention, and comprehend that he cares encircling twain the undeveloped proceeds from the sale of the immovable, and the polite-affection (consumer aggravateplus) of the community of Tironto. He wants to comprehend whether dispose-ofing MegaTire is a cheerful notion, and if the city does dispose-of, whether it is emend to dispose-of it as one immovtalented or two. Your exploration so far has indicated that there are a lot of undeveloped buyers of MegaTire, so disregarding of how the immovtalented is unconnectedd up, Tironto would be talented to furnish a buyer that would pay what the immovtalented is excellence.  Note: You may, if you endeavor, take that there is a invariable final consume of conceding jades. You may besides take that the abatement rebuke for everyone complicated is the similar, and that it is invariable aggravate term. Also, other bargains for jades appear to emulate in quantities rather than in values, so it is protected to take the similar would be penny in this fact. Additionally, jades are material to arbitrage, so value distinction is not skilled in this bargain.     Instructions:  Your job contains two compressiveness, an divorceition and a caggravate note.  Analysis: In this minority of your congeniality assignment, you should awaken the aloft scenario using the tools we keep discussed in the sequence. You may take that your interview has besides had in our sequence. This instrument that you should type and define the position subordinate motive using tools we keep discussed, and awaken the predictions of that type as it relates to the device objectives. You should be absolved encircling what you are because when making your device warnings, and how those factors impression your conclusion. If you produce any affixed assumptions (over those mentioned aloft), you should absolvedly specify them and if applicable, oration what would happen if those assumptions do not obstruct.  Length: Your divorceition divorce of the congeniality assignment should be almost 700 say.  Caggravate Letter: In this minority, you are communicating the ocean results from your divorceition to Mayor McNeill in a absolved and expressive way. This note should be functional but not technical in affection – it should expound the ocean notions of your divorceition in a way that can be subordinatestood by someone who is not an economist. The intention of the caggravate note is to digest the instruction from your divorceition – the things you say in your caggravate note should be befriended in your divorceition minority, and the ocean results of your divorceition should be interjacent in the caggravate note. The caggravate note should produce a warning – this could be to dispose-of MegaTire as a uncompounded immovable, as two separebuke immovables, or to not dispose-of at all. Or, if you cannot produce a absolved warning externally past instruction, define what past you need to comprehend, and how it would acceleration you to produce this conclusion.  Length: Your caggravate note should be no past than one page (encircling 250 say), including the formatting. You should comprise your call and tyro enumerate in the eminent left-hand retreat, but format the repose of this divorce of the assignment as a note or a memo. We procure not claim a specific phraseology for the note, but it should comprise an mismisappropriate craving and noncommunication, and be written in a functional sound.