Organizational Behavior concept ‘DIVERSITY’ at work place.

1. Description of the Organizational Conduct concept ‘DIVERSITY’ at the workplace. The fact and theories astern the use of this concept, as courteous as any disclaiming opinions or theories over the concept. 2. Taking Accenture as an pattern that was notorious to successfully direct the formal conduct concept ‘Diversity’ to their formal constituency. Describe the following: a. Form fact and enhancement of Accenture b. How/why this Organizational Conduct concept ‘DIVERSITY’ was applied. Be firm to comprise patterns of the Diversity concept applied amid the form. c. How Diversity impacted the formal conduct and constituency at Accenture?  Instructions: A. This news should be no close than 5 pages. Imaged (graphs, charts, & images should not sum towards your 5 pages of pleased – Title page and Relation does not sum towards your 5 pages of pleased.  B. You must entertain at lowest 5 relations (3 must be versed peer-reviewed doctrines). All beyond sources should be relationd and must be unexceptionably cited twain in-text and on your relation page.