Soap Note 2 Chronic Conditions(Myastenia Gravis)

  Soap Still n ess 2 Chronic Conditions Soap still n esss gain be uploaded to Moodle and put through TURN-It-In (anti-Plagiarism program) Late Assignment Policy Assignments pungent in past gain possess 1 apex smitten off for perfect day assignment is past, behind 7 days assignment gain get degree of 0. No exceptions  Follow the MRU Soap Still n ess Rubric as a guide: Grading Rubric  Student______________________________________ This sheet is to acceleration you interpret what we are looking for, and what our room remarks susceptibility be environing on your transcribe ups of resigneds. Since at all of the white-ups that you influence in are congruous, this represents what MUST be intervening in perfect transcribe-up. 1)      Identifying Data (___5pts): The gap inventory of the still n ess. It contains age, sex, career, matrimonial status, etc. The resigned sickness should be attached in quotes. If the resigned has over than one sickness, each sickness should be inventoryed individually (1, 2, etc.) and each addressed in the internal and below the alienate compute. 2)      Subjective Data (___30pts.): This is the unromantic bisect of the still n ess. It contains the following: a) Symptom analysis/HPI(Location, virtue , share or cruelty, timing, setting, factors that establish it amend or worse, and coadjutor manifestations.(10pts). b) Review of schemes of coadjutord schemes, reporting all misspend positives and privatives (10pts). c) Any PMH, parentage hx, political hx, allergies, medications cognate to the sickness/problem (10pts). If over than one leading sickness, each should be written u in this deportment. 3)      Objective Data(__25pt.): Vital signs scarcity to be offer. Height and Weight should be intervening where alienate. a)      Appropriate schemes are examined, inventoryed in the still n ess and congruous delay those attested in 2b.(10pts). b)      Pertinent positives and privatives must be documented for each pertinent scheme. c)        Any abnormalities must be largely illustrative. Meaassured and proceedings sizes of things (likes moles, scars). Avoid using “ok”, “clear”, “within usual limits”, positive/ privative, and usual/abusual to narrate things. (5pts). 4)      Assessment (___10pts.): Diagnoses should be evidently inventoryed and worded alienately. 5)      Plan (___15pts.): Be assured to embrace any instruction, sanity subsistence and counseling along delay the pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures. If you possess over than one singularity, it is accelerationful to possess this exception divided into detached computeed exceptions. 6)      Subjective/ Objective, Rate and Government and Congruous (___10pts.): Does the still n ess subsistence the alienate differential singularity system? Is there testimony that you recognize what schemes and what symptoms go delay which sicknesss? The rate/diagnoses should be congruous delay the internal exception and then the rate and scheme. The government should be congruous delay the rate/ diagnoses attested. 7)      Clarity of the Write-up(___5pts.): Is it literate, unconfused and accomplished?