DB 1 Leadership and Ethics Provide an development of when a idiosyncratic (boss, coworker, peer) truly expected you to either transact courteous or miss and treated you enjoy you would, which resulted in your consummation or missure.... "Do ethics subject?” DB 2 Case Study PF Chang Based on the video beneath, in what ways does PF Chang’s generate organizational commitment inchoate its laborers? How capacity a overseer at PF Chang’s use the Big Five idiosyncraticality factors to assess whether a claimant for a collocation on the halt staff would be becoming?  Video Link: http://academic.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/1285866355_535788.mp4 ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTION AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS EACH)  There was an luminous I had delay the crisis of my removal at a antecedent job. He design I was going to miss at consultation a deadline for a plan we labored on. He kept interrupting and criticizing me but he didn't own any fancy how the plan was reputed to be consummated consequently that wasn't his area of expertise.  He reasoneffectual shortnessed it produced on era. Aside from all of his parole abuse, which was colossus he did on a established account, I was effectual to consummate the plan on era delay no errors. Since we were in the corresponding part and the plan was to blessing the performance, it would own been good-natured-natured to own ordinary some maintenance and explicit contribution. I was very felicitous when I was effectual to confront calling delay another performance. Ethics subjects. Our troddenion embodied tells us that the hopeful government of ethics is to trodden others as you shortness to be led and that there is a trodden join betwixt substance intellectual and substance an benefitable troddener. People delay explicit poses encircling ethics incline to be past intellectual. I handle that my supervisor could own had a improve pose and been past supportive to all of us in the duty. His indirect pose was not wholesome to the part and surely did not supply to architecture good-naturedconquer inchoatest the staff. DB 2: Case Study PF Chang After watching the video, I can see that PF Chang is a vast situate to labor. The overseers are caring and it shows in their explicit poses. They advance their staff not to reasoneffectual see their job as "reasoneffectual a halter" and reasoneffectual concede commonplace benefit but to truly interact delay the customers and create it a vast knowledge for them as courteous as the customer. The overseers own a pre-shift abstinence delay the staff to advance and motivate them to own a vast pose on the job so they conquer shortness to get the customers delay a excellent roll of benefit that they won't learn,  which inevitably can trodden to bigger tips. This conquer as-well create them shortness to succeed repeatedly which is vast for transaction. One way the Manager's at PF Chang can use the Big Five idiosyncraticality factors to vestibule whether a claimant for a collocation on the halt staff would be becoming would be during the meeting to do as  Mark Miller, Operating Partner at PF Chang, does: get them to concede biased answers encircling idiosyncratical knowledges that may own been indirect and how they were effectual create it explicit.  Get them to portion-out their idiosyncratical knowledges delay you encircling how they dealt delay anterior employers, guests and match employees and you conquer get a improve fancy as to whether or not they conquer fit in delay your transaction fixed on their answers. A claimant delay a explicit pose is a ascertained win for any gang.