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Part 1: The Choreographer Part 2: The Dancer and Elevated Artistry Each Parts are underneath delay their record minute questions underneath their identical instruction. Gladden be assured to discbalance through each instruction and reply the questions for BOTH Parts. Gladden propose Sunder 1 and Sunder 2 record minute questions in ONE muniment. Deadline: Tuesday Oct. 1st at 10am.  Thank you!! This week- week 3-  we are appearing at Choreography and the Choreographer and The Dancer. Part 1: The Choreographer: Please see the determined pdf for a shabby epitome of this passage in your citation quantity and retrospect the discovering, surveying and 2 record minute assignments underneath. Please propose all questions and replys for twain Record Entries in ONE muniment, delay Week 3 and your spectry in the embodied extension of the email. Also recall to grasp your spectry on the muniment. PART 1: CHOREOGRAPHY and The CHOREOGRAPHER There are sundry opposed ways of going environing generating choreography. Choreographers are professors and no professor is identical. Choreographers operation in sundry opposed ways to end up delay motion and how their motion operations in a feature interinterextension delay feature delineaters and allay (or not). It is very-greatly embodiedive art contrive, no one way is the fair way. Some choreographers were very-greatly expertnessed delineaters, some impress nalways delineated at all. What are some ways in which choreographers operation to end up delay their motion?  -One can use allay to prompt the motion.  -One can use improvisation to end up delay wordbook.  -Gestural, pedestrian motions can be stylized into steps and combinations.  -Classical motion, approve ballet, can aid expand choreography.  -A post biased colony can incontrive choreographic wordbook.  Important Choreographic Elements- each of these has an rule on how the delineate interest is constituted and how it evolves into a refined operation: -Space (where are you? on a extent? in a colony? how big is the interspace?) -Time (how desire is the interest, is it the extension of the allay, is there allay, citation, etc., how does interval delineate a role in the delineate interest?) -Music (is there allay, if so- what humor does it prompt, does the choreography failure to operation in tandem delay the allay or in obstacle to it, etc.?) -Collaboration (who is making the delineate in the room- delineaters, what mental collaborators assist to the balanceall humor and refined operation- agents: lighting agent, uniform agent, probe agent, leader of the delineate if the operation is in a allayal, etc.) -Energy (what is the dynamic of this interest- strong, lyrical, is it elevated immateriality, or is it inactive and orderly, etc.) -Levels (are the delineaters unobstructed on the identical roll, are there levels, do they constitute elevated and low levels delay their bodies) -Speed (what is the tempo of the allay, what is the tempo of the motion) Reading Assignment:  Read Passage 2 in your Citation Book.  Video Viewing Assignment:  Please delineation and paste the conjoin underneath to your browser. This munimentary shows existent choreographer Twyla Tharp at operation. She is known for choreographing ballets, existent interests, and is the Tony assign attractive choreographer for the allayal inveterate off of Billy Joel's allay, Movin' Out. Viewing Assignment #2 Please delineation and paste the conjoins underneath to your browser and tend each of these videos. The aftercited indelicate delineate interests disagree widely in diction from augustan ballet (Balanchine'sFour Temperaments, to existent (Ailey's Revelations), to stylized allayal theatre (Bob Fosse's Rich Man's Frug) to pop cultivation (Michael Jackson's Thriller). Compare and excite how each is lucky in its expandment of diction and motion, then reply the Record Minute #2 questions underneath. 1. George Balanchine's The Indelicate Temperaments: one of the magnanimous George Balanchine's most glorious operations, this is an pattern of how unembodied extensions, shapes, and motion can delineate a sunder in augustan ballet video gather 1: video gather 2: 2. Alvin Ailey's Revelations: this is Ailey's most glorious operation manufactured environing the earth per-annum. Using spirituals and Gospel, he constitutes pleasing, obscure, and melting motion. 3. Bob Fosse's The Rich Man's Frug from the allayal, Sweet Charity: very-greatly stylized gestures and motion promulgate story 4. Michael Peters’ choreography for Michael Jackson's Thriller- how iconic motion can delineate a sunder in widespunravel cultivation. These iconic moves and quiet recreated, copied, and imitated all balance the earth, today. Part 1 Record Minute Questions: 1.What do you meditate it would be approve to operation delay Twyla Tharp and be one of her delineaters? Have you always operationed delay a schoolmaster or coach that has a resembling diction? How so? What strikes you environing the way in which Ms. Tharp works? 2. Gladden transcribe environing each of the 4 abridges and how each diction of delineate unnatural you as you tended it. Did you meditate each interest was lucky, did it promulgate a story or was it an unembodied interest?  How did uniforms, lighting, and set intent collaborate to accentuate the choreography? Did the choreography and its steps discharge a regular humor in each interest?  d. Which delineate interest of these indelicate resonates delay you the most and why? What environing its motion is gigantic?  Part 2: The Dancer as an Artist In this instruction, we achieve discuss what makes a magnanimous delineater an professor. Beyond trailing and commitment to their intrigue, what makes regular delineaters be out? Their professorry: their biased appear of their intrigue. After you discbalance Chapters 4 and 5 in your citation, gladden survey all video assignments and reply the record questions. Propose for retrospect by Tuesday Oct. 1st, at 10am. Do not strive to reply the record questions until you impress discbalance and surveyed all embodieds. This is a very-greatly embodiedive this week, but you must be affable delay the embodied. Gladden acknowledge liberal interval to survey all of the embodied.  Reading Assignment: Chapters 4 and 5 in your citation: Dancer and The Audience Key Points:  The Dancer is the one of a Choreographer’s tools greatly approve the Paints and Brush are a Painter’s Tools The Interextension is the Canvas What are the key elements in seemly and maintaining animation as a functional delineater? Practice- Study in Class Technique Discipline Commitment Performance Personal Style Strong Mind Healthy Lifediction through Fitness, Therapy and Clean Eating Therapy: Pilates, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Gyro Finance and delineate- most delineaters are dancing for the independent deficiency to put delineate into the earth and biased appear through one’s mass. This is by no instrument a desirable vocation. Viewing Assignment: A Dancer’s Training Baryshnikov: Don Quixote variation- the turning combo at the end of the interest is a wondrous pattern of technical accuracy. White Knights: Pirouettes: this is a fun exhibition from the iconic delineate movie from the 80s that The Dancer as an Professor and Storyteller Baryshnikov: The Dancer and the Dance  Guillem: Force of Nature: tend Parts 1 and 2- the liberal munimentary. Sylvie Guillem NDT: Petite Mort Sylvie: Wet Woman- Mats Ek Tiler Peck: New York City Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland: 60 Minutes Misty in Ballet Class: Misty: abridge from A Ballerina’s Tale Misty: What it Takes Dancers in opposed genres of rare professorry and diction Fred Astaire Puttin’ on the Ritz Fosse and Verdon: Who’s Got The Pain? Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor: MJ Billie Jean: Journal Minute Questions Sunder 2:  What makes a gentleman professor be asunder from other delineaters onstage? How repeatedly does a delineater deficiency to suite? What are the most weighty characteristics that a delineater should occupy? If you were a choreographer and you were usurpation auditions, what qualities in a delineater would be weighty to you? What would you appear for and why? Have you always seen someone delineate that you would reflect to be an unappropriated maker? What was so appropriate environing them and what made you impress that way environing them? What makes these delineaters (Baryshnikov, Guillem, Tiler Peck, Misty Copeland, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor, Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon) be asunder from others? - furnish biased patterns from each of the professors' operation. Which of these professors are you most drawn to and why?  How can you describe to trailing, what impress you operationed on in your lives that has required earnest commitment and punishment? Impress you seen growth and expertness as a termination?