PART 1: Using the internet, meet 6 websites that convergence on each of the aftercited topics:  (Therefore, you should meet 6 websites for primate stabilisation, 6 for the Anthropological Genome Project, 6 for fossil dating methods, etc.) -Primate stabilisation -Human Genome Project -Fossil dating methods -Human fossil meets -Future concepts (cloning, gene choice, fabricated comprehension) Describe each of the websites: who puts on (directs) the footing, what topics are tried, why you love them, and what you keep literary from each of the footings.  (Therefore, you should be providing a style of 30 contrariant websites.) PART 2: Meet 6 images of each of the aftercited topics (be indisputable to summon which websites you obtained the images from).  You should to-boot apprehend a illiberal style of each of the images.  (Therefore, you should meet 6 images of skeletons, 6images of stone tools, 6 images of hominid fossils, etc.) -Skeletons (new-fangled anthropological or non-anthropological primates) -Stone tools -Hominid fossils -Art objects associated delay future anthropologicals (i.e., cave paintings, figurines, etc.) -Primatologists or paleoanthropologists (i.e., Jane Goodall, Don Johanson, etc.)