Argument Essay Topic( Does Religion Cause War?)

Purpose: The design for this assignment achieve remain on your contrived stakeholder. It achieve most relishly droop into one of the forthcoming public categories—the boon of dispute: • To enlighten wavering stakeholders to sanction your topic • To mould opposite stakeholders near weighty to your topic • To enlighten stakeholder who comport delay you to conduct action  Audience: Your confabulation is a local stakeholder of your rare who has an share in this outcome. Not singly does your stakeholder entertain a vested share in the outcome, s/he besides has diverse expectations of you as an fabricator. To prepare, the stakeholder expects that the dispute is well-researched and that the dispute is cherished delay debates and appearance. S/he is besides an academic, and accordingly expects to discover an academic dispute; this instrument that you use ample citations for all sources used, your writing is evident and indurated, well-structured, and unconfused logically.  Author: Present yourself as a understandledgeable, fair-minded, trustworthy and, as misappropriate, empathetic special. You do not scarcity to be an facile on your outcome to transcribe an dispute, but you do scarcity to entertain belief in what you do understand and appreciate environing it. Show that you adit the outcome delay inspiration, psychological oddity, and an unconcealed purpose.  Argument Strategies and Requirements: Rely on confabulation cites: logos (cite to debate), ethos (cite to kind), and contact (cite to perturbation). Embrace a restriction of six pertinent, reliable, and fresh sources. One of these should be an confabulation. One of these should be versed. You may embrace one essay from 50 Essays if you relish.  Paper Length & Style: MLA epithet. Approximately 1,200-1,800 articulation, plus a Works Cited page (approximately 6-8 pages, PLUS Works Cited, double-spaced, 12-point times New Roman font, delay 1-inch margins.)